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Everyone has different particular preference for different kinds of tattoo designs. If you don’t have any idea about what kinds of tattoo design can exhibit your authentic personality and you are born between November 21 and December 20, you can consider of picking a zodiac tattoo designs -Tribal Sagittarius.


Many famous people belong to this sun sign such as Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Connelly, etc. It is believed that Sagittarians are genial, vivacious, generous and zealous. They live in concord with everyone and are lively creatures. They like make new friends. Sagittarians have great tolerance toward everyone and adore freedom, have a sanguine outlook on everything. They are straightforward and never speak in a roundabout way. If you want someone giving you point-blank opinion, Sagittarians is absolutely right person. Moreover, they are energetic and enthusiastic in work. They act first and fret about problems later. Therefore, they are known as the “rover” and “adventurer”. Typically, each zodiac sign have their own symbols to represent themselves. You can combine their unique symbols together in order to make your tattoo more especial and notable. Here are a few examples:

Horse Motif – Sagittarius is symbolized by a bow and an arrow griped by the centaur, fictitious characters appear on Roman mythology. Centaur has the head, arms, chest and trunk of man and the back, tail and four legs of horse. The human part of the centaur always looks upward, is spurred on by a strong sense of ambition and points his arrow at the sky. The horse part takes the human back to the animal world and shows his earthly desires. When you draft tattoo design, you can think of tattooing a horse on the center of tattoo design or make horse image become a part of tattoo design.

Glyph – Glyph for Sagittarius is uncomplicated, just an upward arrow with a horizontal line intersecting itself. It looks like that someone shoots the arrow from the bow. This symbol expresses their thirst for freedom, orientation and goal in life. Due to its uncomplex design, glyph can be designed discretionarily in any shape, size and form to complements the whole picture perfectly.

Fire – Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and dominated by Jupiter. Sagittarian will raise the roof easily when Sagittarian is under the influence of someone agitation. Sagittarius is endowed with an inextinguishable passion for everything. If you are able to properly merge flames with the glyph or Centaurs image, impressive tattoo design can be created.

If you think that confine your tattoo design only to the Sagittarius glyph or symbol reduces your choice, you can combine arrow and bow with angel tattoo designs or other categories of tattoo design. For example, you are tattooed with an angel shooting an arrow with a bow. In the light of your fondness for tattoo designs, you can simply alter original tattoo sketch to create an extraordinary Sagittarius tattoos. Thus, Sagittarius Tattoo is full of artistic value. Many Sagittarians celebrities like to tattoo this pattern on their arm, wrist and other sites where they can flaunt their tattoo design in the faces of the public.

There are various ways to change tribal Sagittarius into a remarkable artwork. However, you must spend more time and mental power on searching for Sagittarius tattoos design. Remember that you would rather do more preparation than regret having tattoo design that is repugnant to you.

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