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Henna tattoos are temporary tattoo design and many people enjoy putting it on. You can remove them at will if you are easy to lose interest in your new tattoo design. You can juggler with thousands upon thousands of henna tattoo designs. Getting henna tattoos requires a lower expenditure of money than getting real one and the great advantage of having Henna tattoo is to avoid suffering from any pain involved in a real tattooing.


Henna tattoos are derived from south Asia especially in India. They are also called Mehndi. The pigment is made from the henna plant Lawsonia enermis. This plant-based dye is very active in binding to the skin, nails and hair. Henna tattoo designs are often connected with religious belief, spirituality. In some special occasions, such as wedding day or essential celebration, they like to wear Henna tattoos. When warrior prays to God for help and protection before the war, they will imprint their face or body with Henna tattoos at the ceremony.


Do as you please. You can amend your selected tattoo designs at any time. According to your likes and dislikes, you can pick simply constructed or exquisite tattoo design. Because it is convenient to remove and revise, you can wear varied tattoo designs every so often as you like. Henna tattoo design is recently brought into vogue by Hollywood stars, Madonna. She uses Indian Hanna tattoo Designs as a back drop on one of her albums accentuating the Indian culture and spirituality. Although part of people think that her behavior abuses the symbols or designs of religious and other public organization and profanes its sacred significance, many people still string along with her and purchase her albums and mimic her dressing.

Arabic and Indian patterns are the most popular designs and are often imprinted on the back of the hand or feet. The features of Indian designs are to adopt complex but exquisite patterns of lotus, flower, tear-drop, flowers, cobweb, and other paisley patterns and use sleek, thin lines to draw Indian patterns and are used to convey religious and spiritual messages.

On the other hand, some people may extract Koranic passages or copy designs on Arabic textile, sculptures and flowers as Arabic designs. They often consider the location of the tattoo designs and then decide the sizes of tattoo to make it to be conspicuous and their sizes are large enough to accentuate its features and details. Thus, there are varied tattoos with different sizes.

Excluding these, you can get Henna tattoo just for amusement. You can choose whichever Henna tattoo you like and imprint on whichever part of body you prefer in order to give your apparel prominence or to make a declaration publicly. Tattoo designs also display bodily charm of tattooers and show artistic talent of tattooists.

The chief shortcoming in getting Henna designs is that the colorants are only restricted to black, brown and shades of red. Some tattooist mix sugar and oils with the Henna mixture so as to assist the colorants persist longer and raise intensity of color. Some tattooists even add spices and aromatics to Henna mixture so that the tattooers can enjoy higher level of experience.

I recommend you to conduct a simple skin test and ensure that you do not have any allergic reaction to the colorants before getting Henna designs. Some components of Henna mixture may provoke allergic reactions in certain people and appear allergic rash or other allergic reactions such as redness, swelling and tickle all over. Thus, it is rather safe to have a simple skin test first before applying these colorants.

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