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Girls love tattoos very much, but when it comes to select a model, the answer may not be as easy as it sounds. The most popular tattoos for girls may be sexy, feminine, attractive, but tastes are greatly different from one girl to the other.


Tattoos may not seem such a great idea when you have to meet a harsher work environment. Unless you wish your boss to gaze to your new tattoo, you must ruminate about hiding it or making it in a less noticeable place.

Some recommendations can be made about the current trend in tattoos for girls. There are some hot models that might get you concern with.

Do you recall what types of tattoos were hot in decade? Although then they were copasetic and hot, they look so cliché and cheesy.

But some others put their perception on the industry, as they did not lose their shine and fame, due to their artistic value.

Among the most popular tattoos at present, the audience had an inclination to choose Japanese tattoos, Indian tattoos or floral designs.

Girls become more and more dispiriting and they also choose larger and larger tattoos and even at least two tattoos on their body.

The perception of having more tattoos has its roots in the Japanese tradition which enlightens us that each image symbolized on our skin is in a relation with the others, making everything look as a whole.

Traditional American tattoos have the same philosophy at their origin. A pretty story is being spread around from one image to the other, giving value and significance to the tattoos.

Which Are The hottest Designs For Girls?

Japanese tattoos, also called Irezumi, include designs such as koi fish and large dragons. Girls favor them on the back or the arms, and some even on their hips.

Some girls like to ornament their chest, abdomen, back and legs with Traditional American tattoos, like nautical starts, or classic cars, or pin-ups.

It is no astonishment that girls like floral tattoos. Some floral designs can be drawn on the entire back, comprising a large assortment of flowers like lotus, peonies, orchids and others.

Anime, the Japanese style animation, has become more and more prevalent among teenagers. This enthusiasm has its correspondence in the tattoos industry. But anime tattoos may lose their significance in time.

Ancient Indian texts can be read on people’s skin nowadays. Indian tattoos had been hot in 1960 and they know a rejuvenation of interest right now.

Getting a tattoo should not be a reckless decision. Try to choose a tattoo that is significant to you and not just a rage.

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