Virgo Tattoos

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Virgo tattoos are artworks specific to those people born under zodiac sign Virgo. You may wonder what tattoo designs are available for Virgo to select. This article is full of great idea and provides you some suggestion for women and men about Virgo tattoos. Any person born in between 23 August and 23 September is grouped into the sixth zodiac sign Virgo and dominated by the planet mercury. The Virgos are eminent for their wisdom, diligent but criticizable. They are loyal and faithful to their partner, friends or business associates so they are trustworthy. Virgos has a bent for any art forms. Nowadays, tattooing has become one of the most popular art forms and is deeply adored by youngsters.


Among the large and varied tattoo designs, the zodiac tattoos are attaining huge popularity at present. Here we will introduce several cool Virgo tattoos designs.

Virgo Tattoos
We have already said that Virgo tattoo is designed for those people born under this zodiac sign. One of the merits of picking a zodiac tattoo is that it never be out-of-date. They are still in favor as time pass on and even if current trend change. Secondly, tattoo design often reflects the thoughts passing through their mind and their deeply held convictions. A zodiac sign or the zodiac symbol provides hints to realize specific person’s personality, conspicuous trait; characteristic therefore it becomes hottest tattoo design. Thirdly, a person’s preference, likes, options may alter and subsequently he / she doesn’t adore his/ her tattoo any more. This seldom occurs to the zodiac tattoo because zodiac sign of the person never change. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry that you will feel regret for having Virgo tattoo designs.

Virgo Tattoo Designs
While you are conceiving the idea of drafting out a Virgo tattoo design, you can try to combine several different Virgo symbols to construct your tattoo design. It is quite easy, simple and very pretty. Astrologists use the picture of virginal maiden to represent Virgo all the while. So, virgin maiden is often become one of elements of Virgo tattoo design. One of the merits of using virginal maiden as a tattoo design is that can be made as graceful and charming as possible by harnessing your creativity and for this reason, many famous tattoo artists like to tattoo virginal maiden. Virginal maiden is always beautiful and elegantly yet bashfully sit or stand. If you prefer to have a simple and smaller Virgo tattoo, you can only tattoo the face of maiden and inscribe “VIRGO” in elegant script alongside the face of maiden. Your Virgo tattoos can also be personalized by engraving your name, initials or phrase beside the picture of maiden. Due to its large size, maiden tattoo is usually put on the back, abdomen, upper arms, thighs and so on.

If you dislike maiden design, you can consider using glyph of Virgo to create personalized and cool Virgo tattoos. The glyph of Virgo seems to be English alphabet letter “M” and “P” in big character joined together. Most of men do not choose tattooing maiden design on their body. They would rather engrave glyph and add some text beside it. The text can be Japanese, Arabic, Kanji, Devanagari. Due to its small size, it is easy to hide it and glyph can be put on any part of the body such as wrist, back of the neck, arms, etc. The design of glyph is simple yet pretty. Moreover, you can tattoo glyph and text in any color, size and style according to your preference. If you are seeking for tribal Virgo Tattoo designs, glyph is definitely a good choice.

This article brings up some Virgo tattoo designs and ideas. Excluding these, you can conceive new idea to enrich Virgo tattoo designs by using your creativity and innovative. You can incorporate the above-mentioned ideas in your own design to create a unique Virgo tattoo. Keep in mind that tattooing is an excellent artwork and is of boundless extent.

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