Temporary Tattoos Application and Removal Guide

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The main reason that people like temporary tattoo is easier, faster removal and wear than real tattoos. However, a lot of people find that some skill is needed to apply and get rid of these. If you intend to wear temporary tattoo, you don’t want that only partial design is adhered to your body or a tattoo smashes into pieces when you pull away the backing. Peruse below instructions and learn how to properly apply and erase temporary tattoo without any flaw.


The location of temporary tattoo
If you want to affix the temporary tattoo to your kid’s body, you may think which part of body is the best area to put on. I will recommend you to put temporary tattoo on below position according to their size and shape:

The back of your neck


Along the length of shoulder blade


Lower back

Top of Foot

You need to use soap and clean water to scrub the area where, the temporary tattoo design will be imprinted on, oils, creams and lotions may influence how long the tattoo design will last and the length of time before it begins to smash up. Ensure your skin is not wet before affix the temporary tattoo to you. If thick or wiry hair grows in the area where you intend to imprint your temporary tattoo, you have to shave off all the hair for good effects.

Ask your friend to accompany you
When you intend to imprint temporary tattoo on uneven surface and joint such as shoulder – blade or neck, ask your friend to ensure that you sit up straight and look straight ahead. If your sitting posture is incorrect, the tattoo design may lose original shape. Ensure you can keep your upright posture for at least 45 seconds if no one helps you.

Affix the temporary tattoo
When you cut the temporary tattoo design out of a combo sheet, remember to leave about 4 mm margin for easy peeling after it has dried.

Take off the plastic backing and place temporary tattoo on your desired area, with the pattern facing downwards. Press against back of tattoo paster with a wet towel for 30-40 seconds. Ensure the paper soak in enough water. Some temporary tattoo paster is rather thick. Thus, they need to soak in more water so as to shift the design onto your skin.

Taking the backing off slowly and carefully
When you find any areas where partial design split open and still adhere to the paper, stop peeling and press it down at once and apply the wet towel to tattoo paster again. Press the towel for a little water which drops on the back of tattoo paster. Presses down, hold for at least thirty seconds and then peel the tattoo paster off.

Let it dry up in air
Don’t use blotting paper sucking up ink or wipe the blots with dry cloth immediately – it is highly brittle and the design may be smeared.

Taking off your temporary tattoo
It is very simple job. You can use baby oil, cooking oil to dissolve the temporary tattoo according to the type of used ink and then be wiped off with cotton ball easily. The other way is to put sticky take over the top of the temporary tattoo and pull away to erase the tattoo.

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