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If you have decided on tattoo Lion Leo, you surely possess a wide choice of tattoo designs you can put to use. If you don’t know how to sift through the mass of tattoo Lion Leo pictures, this article will tell you about Leo tattoo meanings behind a broad range of tattoos and bring up some ideas to facilitate your decision-making.


People have a permanent interest in zodiac. Some people who believe in astrology would like to have zodiac tattoos on their bodies. Nearly all people throughout the world are captivated by the zodiac. Different countries have different interpretation of zodiac. People, born in between 23 rd July and 22nd August, belong to Leo zodiac. Leos like tattoos design because they keen on performing arts. The other personal trait of Leos includes full of enthusiasm, big-hearted, dedicative, fondness for display and domineering. You will find that many Leo zodiac tattoos include the image of lion every now and then. The design is often painted golden and ruby color. Besides, you can also incorporate below designs in Leo zodiac tattoos.


Leo belongs to the 5th sign of the zodiac. Leo sign is comparatively masculine and is under the influence of the sun. You can adopt below Leo zodiac tattoo ideas to help you to create a unique, personalized tattoo design engraved on the shoulders, wrist, arms or back. A lot of Hollywood stars have lion tattooed on their bodies, such as Robbie Williams, Christian Slater, Rod Steward, etc. We will discuss its inner meaning behind lion tattoos designs.

People like to use image of lion to represent the personality of a Leo. It is because lion gives people strong impression that lion stands for authority, might, renown and leadership and Leos are full of self-confident and arrogant. Thus, the lion tattoo or lion head tattoo pertinently reflects trait of Leo. Lion is known as a king of the jungle therefore a lion head wearing a crown would appear extremely awe-inspiring and design send message that I’m the best, the leader of mankind. Draw lion in different postures and facial expression can convey different messages. You can draw blusterous lion, snarly lion or calm and serene lion to reflect your thinking. For example, you may want to draw a lion gazing at the moon or running lion. These lion tattoo design may occupy large area. Leo tattoo design should be placed on the chest, upper arms, the back.

On the contrary, you may prefer to get a smaller tattoo design. You can only carve the face of the lion on your body. Leo tattoo designs for women can be a female lion is seated peacefully or accompany her cubs. Nowadays, tribal Leo tattoo designs become more and more popular. Its characteristics feature of the tribal Leo tattoo design is in black or darker shade. Many countries like use image of a lion printed on their national flag, such as Scotland, Belgium and so on.

According to astrology, fire or flame is an element of Leo. Thus there is a close relationship between flames and sign. You can put flames to the best use in your Leo tattoo so as to create a superb tattoo design. Vivid colors and strong bold lines accentuate flaming red. A Leo zodiac tattoo idea can be to have fire beginning at the wrist and stretching up to the arm. You can use flame as the background to set off the image of a lion.

It is known that sun is responsible to provide solar energy to all living things on the Earth so sun tattoo is used to stand for hope, happiness and light. Inasmuch as the Leo zodiac is under control of the sun, sun is a good option to be incorporated in your zodiac tattoo. You can also choose tribal sun tattoos to match your tribal lion tattoos. It looks cool and sexy. Sun tattoo can symbolize a happy and contented life and convey the hopeful light to other people.

Astrological Sign

The astrological sign of the Leo zodiac is a snake and its glyph looks like an inverted “U” shape with curls at the end. If you prefer a small tattoo rather than a big ingenious tattoo, you can shift to the astrological sign or glyph. Perhaps, you can integrate the glyph of Leo or the image of snake with other designs such as lion, sun and fire. For instance, change the head of the glyph into head of lion.

Some people like to engrave their name or initials beside Leo tattoo design. Some people even inscribe phrases “Proud Leo” in Arabic, Japanese Kanji script alongside Leo tattoo design to produce a personalized, unique tattoo design. Whichever design you prefer, don’t forget to mix and match so as to find out the best effect.

Tattoo Lion Leo allow your imagination run wild and be creative. You can mix various designs to make the tattoos appear personalization. Girls can combine flower with Leo tattoo design so as to give a feminine finish to the tattoo design. In order to make the design to have masculine appeal, some guy draw mane waving in the wind and add a dreadful look to the design. Some people tattoo face of the lion on the knees and feet. It seems to be majestic lion ravening after its prey. You have to fire your fertile imagination to create highly individual style of tattoo design.

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