Capricorn Tattoo Designs

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Astrologic followers claim that human lives are affected by the interstellar bodies. They disseminate all incidents that occur to us because planets, moon and sun are subjected to some variation. These interesting ideas are put forward by most of us. Due to cultural difference, different nations have their own interpretation of zodiac and put forth their own theory in astrology. Greek – Roman zodiac is best known in America. Refer to their doctrine, Greek – Roman zodiac is divided up into twelve astrological signs. Each signs is on behalf of a specific month of the year. Astrologers think that people classified under the same sign should possess essence, innate character, personality trait, forte, etc. Capricorn belongs to the tenth sign of the Greek – Roman zodiac.


Supposing you intend to tattoo a Capricorn pattern on your body, we can suggest some kind of tattoo design for your reference and consideration.

Capricorn Tattoo Designs: Meaning

Capricorn belongs to the tenth sign of the zodiac and its ruling planet is Saturn, the second biggest planet in solar system. Capricorn is symbolized by Amalthea. According to mythological reference, Amalthea is a goat had nursed king of Gods, Zeus when he was an infant. Zeus. Zeus award Amalthea a horn in order to repay their love and care from childhood. This horn can produce anything when the possessor makes a wish.

Capricorns holds to traditional beliefs and their behavior always reveal their traditionalism. They are industrious and maintain consistency between what they say and what they do. They know the importance of time so they never squander their time. Capricorns seek stable relationship with people and fond of traditional man – woman role. Man take on the responsibility of supporting family and the woman take on the duty to nurture her children and handle all household affairs. By ordinary, people who stand for or assent to these traditional values, must ardently love Capricorn tattoo designs and are willing to tattoo these patterns on their body.

Capricorns dislike telling anyone about their personal matter and treasure their personal honorable achievement. Their arrogant trait can show in Capricorn tattoo designs. Draw a cool-headed goat stand arrogantly and look far into the distance. Capricorns are very pleased to help people provided that you are without intent to defraud. They are uncommunicative and believe that “More Acting and less talking is more practical”. Capricorn seldom provokes a wordy conflict with somebody and concentrates their attention on minding their own affair. Even in get-together party or celebration, they like to stand aside and grasp chance to associate with people who have high social status, ability). Capricorns choose to make conversation with people with some sort of power). Capricorn tattoo designs should show all characteristics of the goat, Amalthea. You shouldn’t clutter the Capricorn tattoo designs with too many patterns or patterns that are irrelevant to Capricorn.

Capricorn Tattoo Designs: Position, Pattern and Colour
Capricorn tattoo designs can be put on any part of body. Arms lower back, shoulders, chest, ankles and feet are suitable area for tattooing.

Tribal Capricorn tattoo design or Capricorn Celtic design are good options. Although painting celtic tattoos is a very complicated work and carries history, Capricorn tribal tattoo design is beloved of majority of young people. The main reason of its popularity is its original design. The Capricorn tribal tattoo designs can be integrated with pattern of lucky flowers – ivy, hearts, crosses, skulls, stars, moon and sun.

Some people like to have tattoo design which is combination of Capricorn sign and other zodiac sun sign or tattoo a heart pattern between Capricorn sign and other zodiac sun sign as a bridge. This type of tribal design is deeply loved and esteemed by people who have already had firm relationships with their lover. Customarily, they use black ink to engrave tribal designs and these designs have fierce appearance therefore these Capricorn tattoo designs are usually put on the arm or chest positions for men and lower back for women.

Capricorn tattoo designs can be engraved in great variety of colors, including yellow, red, green, purple, orange, black, gray and green. Except these colours, Black and gray are the most suitable to reveal the Capricorn traits of earnestness and scrupulously abiding by conventional practice. Therefore, these colours are widely used in Capricorn tattoo designs.

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