Tribal Aquarius Tattoos – Three Ways for getting original Aquarius Tattoo

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Tribal Aquarius tattoos are designed for those people who born between January 21 to February 19. The traits of a typical Aquarius include smart, independent, inventive, friendly, honest and loyal. They have fervent desire to communicate. They dislike inflexible routine and always intoxicated by a world of fantasy. They like conceiving new idea but seldom put into practice. They are glad to listen to other people’s opinion on condition that your argument is convincing and love talking with people. So aquarius are good leader. They place importance on friendship. If you make friend with aquarius, you can rest assured. It is because they are loyal to their friend. In case you encounter difficulty, they feel duty-bound to help you solving problem and string along with you. Their altruistic behavior win friendship but they are not good lover.


They aspire after independence so they can’t sustain to be shackled by anyone. In case they feel fetters, they must look for a way to escape from you. It also explains why they aren’t gregarious and people, who aren’t familiar with them, think they are detached. Because they always have queer ideas, they are regard as uncontrollable person and their behaviors are elusive to other people.


The sign Aquarius is typically symbolized by water bearer that is the image of young man pouring water or a pretty girl washing her hair locks with a scoop in the sea. Beside, someone likes to use hieroglyph to emblem the sign Aquarius. It is a pattern of two horizontal waves. Either the water bearer or hieroglyph, its design can be subject to artistic variation. There are three tips how you introduce new ideas on Aquarius tattoo design.

A. You can combine below different elements that are relevant to the sign Aquarius to create picturesque tattoo design:

Blue and turquoise (Lucky colors for Aquarius)

Orchid (Lucky flowers for Aquarius)

Amethyst (Aquarius zodiac birthstone)

Air ( The element of Aquarius sun sign)

Uranus (ruling planet of water bearer sign)

B. You can produce diverse variation only if you bring your imagination into full play.

You can simply outline the sign of Aquarius or draw spreading stars to make Aquarius tattoo design. It looks trendy and stylish.

C. Get idea from myths. It is recorded on Greek fairy story. There was one character that displayed and symbolized the essence and the destiny of the sign Aquarius. This personage is Prometheus. One day Zeus ordered Prometheus and Epimetheus to create mankind and animals respectively in order to fill the earth with life and vitality. However, when Prometheus nearly finished his creations, he discovered that all the good gifts from Zeus had already been exhausted by Epimetheus. Prometheus felt sad to see mankind suffering from shuddering with cold in the winter. So, He begged Zeus to bestow sacred fire on mankind but Zeus refused. Zeus was afraid that mankind would become arrogant after they get the power of fire. Prometheus was obliged to steal fire from god. Consequently, it infuriated Zeus. Zeus caught Prometheus and chained him to Mount Caucasus. Every day, eagle flew to Mount Caucasus and nibbled at his liver. His liver was continuously rising from the dead each night. Eagle feasted on him again. At last, Heracles sympathized for Promethus. Heracles shot eagle and get him discharge. His humanitarianism, braveness, misery become a portion of the Aquarian fairy tale. It is a good idea to infuse Aquarius tattoos with the image of Prometheus so as to make your tattoo more special and unique.

ou can work out varied tribal Aquarius pattern to enrich Aquarius tattoos design with different ways. You should look for a special design of tattoo that exhibit your taste, personality trait and style. Remember that it is not easy to remove and hide tribal Aquarius tattoos because you are painted with great quantity of ink. Thus, you are necessary to spend more time and energy in seeking the tattoo befitting your style.

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