Upper Back Tattoos

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Great Choices for Upper Back Tattoos
As far as tattoos are concerned, the best ones are usually drawn on the upper back. It seems like both men and women have a penchant for upper back tattoos. So regardless if you’re an athlete or just a random kind of guy or gal, this tattoo will definitely appeal to you.

Upper Back Tattoos
Upper Back Tattoos

Upper Back Tattoos

Upper Back Tattoos
If you want to know what tattoo designs will best fit your upper back, simply go through this list:

1. Wings
People fancy to have wings. While no human can grow one, everyone can all draw a pair, right? So just go ahead and make yourself an angel today. Get to wear a set of wings as your upper back tattoo.

2. Birds like the Phoenix
If you don’t want to have just the wings but the totality of it, birds like the Phoenix are nice alternate options. This mythical bird represents life and rebirth; thus it is a very good candidate for an upper body tattoo.

3. Printed letters
Who says that bold printed letters only go at the back of your shirt? Well, you can wear them naked now. The best part of it is, you get to choose what statement you’ll write on your upper back – and be creative with the font and the style too!

4. Tribal pattern and designs
The back is the best canvas for tribal patterns. Because these patterns can be scaled accordingly, the upper back simply becomes the perfect canvas. Just pick the design that would fit your personality best. Then you’ll be all set.

5. Flowers
For women, nothing would decorate their upper back better than a pretty bouquet. Well, actually they have a choice here. They have the option to draw just one big flower on their back or a whole bunch of smaller ones. When it comes to flower and nature-inspired tattoos, you can just let your creativity flow.

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