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3 Criteria’s for Superb Designs – Chinese Symbol Tattoos

For years, Chinese symbol tattoo designs have been very popular across the globe. However, finding Chinese symbol tattoos which can be considered as impressive and memorable can be a tough task for many. Instead, you see plenty of either random symbols, silly translations which do not make any sense, or certain really crappy design works.

Symbol Tattoos

Symbol Tattoos

Symbol Tattoos

Symbol Tattoos

Symbol Tattoos

However there’s one exception to this – David Beckham’s Chinese symbolic tattoo designs that you could easily search on the internet. This are carved in a Chinese cursive manner meaning life and death reside in God’s lap while honors & fortunes are decided by the heaven.


So why his Chinese tattoo designs are so widespread & hugely recognized? There can be certain reason for it. By exploring these reasons, you will be able to understand some criteria which make an ideal Chinese symbol tattoo.


  1. Accurate translation is a must.


This is the very first step. However, the tattoo of Beckham doesn’t include any translation. It’s simply an antique Chinese quote that is said to be recommended by the Chinese tattoo design artist in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, as majority of the individuals don’t get Chinese quotes; you should be careful in regards to the translation of your tattoo. It will be present on your body throughout your life. And if you’re considering a quote in Chinese, you could simply tell what you would like to express using that quote, search for a Chinese translator who will help you in selecting a quote which can fit you the best.


  1. Be expressive.


David Beckham’s Chinese tattoo might show his approach towards fortune, life, etc. Being expressive isn’t that tough, you will always be able to find something that is useful to you. Pick something which is meaningful for you, no matter if it is a phrase, a famous quote or a name, the only thing to remember it that it must express something about you. Do not choice a few symbols randomly simply because interesting symbols appear cool.


  1. An inspiring style.


The Chinese tattoo of David Beckham is written in cursive writing that is quite attractive & artistic in the foreign as well as Chinese people’s eyes. The fact is, there can be thousands of Chinese tattoos designs available for you. The only thing that is required is perform some research over the internet and pick the one which can help make you unique.

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