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Must Know Details – Small Tattoo Designs


Majority of the individuals prefer small tattoo designs. For various reasons, small tattoo design are loved over big ones. The first of them is the commitment aspect, the cost factor & then there’s discreetness of a tattoo.  Most persons getting their very first tattoo design will go for a smaller tattoo design as an alternative for really large piece since it is a better way to start.

Small Tattoos
Small Tattoos

Small Tattoos

Small Tattoos

Small tattoo design – Things to consider


Size of the Tattoo


This may appear like something which is so apparent that it may not even be required to mention it here.  Still, there are plenty of distinct choices & small is to some extent dependent upon the location.  For instance a smaller back tattoo design will probably be much bigger as compared to a small foot tattoo or a small wrist tattoo. Hence, the initial thing to consider here is how small you’ll like to have your design. For example, if you would like a small Japanese Kanji on your inner wrist it will be very small.  On the other hand, if you would like your name along-with a heart then it will be much bigger. Hence, think about your design and how small it should be.


Tattoo Details


The second thing that you should consider prior to going to your near tattoo shop is the extent of detail you would like in the design.  Naturally, if you’re looking for small design, you would prefer minimum details.  If you’ve a small design which is also very complex, within a few years the ink is likely to spread & you’ll have an ink spot. For instance a skull along-with eyeballs which reflect one more skull inside it will most probably not work with smaller tattoo design.  So it is necessary to think about something which doesn’t have plenty of detail in it.  Writing & line work at most of the times works quite well for a smaller designs.


Tattoo Place


You should also try to get few rough thoughts about the place for your tattoo.  Hand tattoos, shoulder tattoos & Foot tattoos will all be going to appear different.  The location of your tattoo will partially determine the designs which you select and also the size and shape of them.

Proper Care

As you preferred a smaller tattoo design, you’ll have to work extra hard in order to keep it protected or apply sunscreen on it whenever you’re in the sun.  Or else, the ink will spread at a faster rate.

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