Reptile Tattoos

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Reptile Tattoos – Getting a Dragon Tattoo Art

As most cultures have some kind of dragon mythologies in their olden times, such stories are those which are most generally reiterated in the culture.

Reptile Tattoos

Reptile Tattoos

Reptile Tattoos

Reptile Tattoos

Countries in the Europe have knight’s stories who travelled huge distances in order to kill the fire generating dragons which had consumed maidens & stolen gold. Cultures in Asia tell stories about wise dragons who were able to predict the things which were required so as to live a decent life, whereas Middle Eastern nations had dragon stories which were centered on big lizards which occupied the land. All such tales have been transferred from one age group from the other. Although the source of a few of such stories could be unknown, majority of them stay as the most widespread dragon stories till date.


Dragon Tattoo Designs


A few of the most prevalent dragon tattoo designs are those which mirror reptilian animals having features similar to lizards. A few of the most luxurious dragon tattoo designs show each scale which shields the body of a dragon in addition to a few other designs which have the split tongue of the reptile highly exhibited. If you want a dragon tattoo design which can depict a flying dragon, fire breathing and strong wings like those of bats are the most general elements of such type of tattoo designs. It is among the most famous types of dragon tattoo designs simply due to the fact that such things remind majority of the dragons which they see in their imagination many times.


Irrespective of the dragon tattoo which is picked, dragon tattoo art can have a distinctive meaning to every individual which can be usually determined with the help of a specific image which is selected. Dragon tattoo most generally depict a huge reptile with large wings as well as a rebellious look on its face. Also, it might be breathing fire at the sides or directly towards a person who’s seeing the dragon tattoo design. The design which symbolizes intelligence & wisdom normally smile or have an appearance of inner reflection & it is generally designed with a clever look to make them appear as if they’re quite old.


Reptile tattoos especially dragon tattoos could be used for representing different ideals & emotions for example mischief, wisdom, evil, good, strength, adventure, sorrow, and many more.

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