Praying Hands Tattoos

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Praying Hands Tattoos – Their Secret Meanings

Praying hands tattoos can be a very communicative religious tattoos. There are several religious tattoo designs to pick from in the present day market, however they’re among the most popular. Often, body art is a symbol of religious belief. Prior to going with a praying hands tattoo design, you should carefully take it into consideration, nonetheless. Ensure your belief is that crucial to you. Think whether or not this can be a suitable expression for it. In this way, you won’t regret it afterwards.

Praying Hands Tattoos
Praying Hands Tattoos

Praying Hands Tattoos

Praying Hands Tattoos

The history of these tattoos starts with Albrecht Daurer, a famous German artist who painted the praying hands for gifting the Frankfort mayor, during the fifteenth century.

The hands were intended to signify the hands of Daurer’s brother. Their family was not capable of supporting the 2 artists. Hence, even while Daurer’s brother too was an artist, during one night they flipped a coin in which Daurer’s brother lost.


Hence, he was forced to labor in the mines, so as to support his family. Daurer then painted “The Praying hands” as a compliment to his brother. So, the individuals who are getting praying hands tattoos these days are also expressing similar feelings to their family as well as religion.


The fact is, praying hands tattoos could have a number of meanings in the present day periods. At times, it can be done for remembering a friend or family member who has expired. It could also be used for representing a hardship or trial that an individual has come thru. At times parents themselves get such tattoo designs & have it inked upon their kids, as well. They do this in order to signify their parental connection and leadership. A few individuals get this tattoos as they believe that it’ll help them to battle a deep misery. A few others have one as one part of the tearful procedure when somebody they know expires. Irrespective of what reason you might have, the most usual is comfort & religious belief.


In addition, every religious tattoo artist will be different. All of them will have their distinctive characteristics. Hence, make sure that you to find an artist as well as a praying hands tattoo which will suit your requirements. It might take some period & research, however it would be totally worth it considering the future.

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