Nautical Star Tattoos

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Nautical Star Tattoos Can Help Personalize Your Style

Nautical Star Tattoo Designs have a long history behind them & are considered to be a universal symbol. These are the tattoos which you could be proud of to have & their designs can be changed in order to fit your individual preference. Their style could extent from several different appearances which’ll be discussed in this article.

Nautical Star Tattoos
Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoos

The latest trend of Nautical Star Tattoo Design is the composite of them. You can find numerous such tattoos located in a stream like design on the side of the body of several people, horizontally through their lower back & a few may even use them on their entire spine area. They appear to be classic without any color however most people prefer to use color, a name or even a name to get a more significant & personal meaning.

One more style which can be seen on the shoulder edges of the punk rockers & rock stars across the country is the Nautical Star along with the wings. Here, the star will be located right at the center of your back along with angel wings that spread the whole length of your shoulders. It syndicates the actual meaning of leadership which comes from nautical star plus the protection which angel wings represent.


People that would like to get a tattoo but are looking for something easy & discreet to cover-up could go for small Nautical Star Tattoo Designs that are best located on the uppermost part of your foot.


At one time, Nautical Star Tattoo Designs were famous among lesbians as well as gays for identifying themselves & also to express their sexual preference to the other lesbians & gays like an undercover communication. The rainbow nautical star is the latest form of this homosexual sign. Every section is being completed with a distinct color of rainbow & is currently used to indicate the gay pride instead of a hidden sign.


The elegance of your nautical star could be as symbolic or as unique you want. The rates might change with the complexity & the time required to complete the tattoo you need.


Be imaginative & design your personal or search for the sources on the internet in order to see the samples of additional Nautical Star Tattoo Designs. Also, your tattoo artist could have some of his personal designs which you can interest you.

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