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Movie Tattoos: How they’re crafted?

Tattooing is a great art form which is becoming more and more popular to a real fine art. Hollywood which is recognized for producing some of the best HQ movies across the globe. Not only did Hollywood enhanced the art of producing movies but they also enhanced the of make-up design art. Movie tattoo designs are used for a temporary purposes but they’re crafted in such a high-quality that it’s almost impossible to predict a fake one.

Movie Tattoos
Movie Tattoos

Movie Tattoos

Movie Tattoos

Most actors do not prefer to mark their physiques with such tattoo designs as to a few it could decrease their market value. At times a role might want an actor to mark a tattoo. They would never go out & get inked simply to get a role. Here, the Hollywood tattooing art becomes significant. It has served some very well to actors like Jim Carrey, Angelina Jolie, Wesley Snipes, etc.


During the early part of film making, tattoo designs were susceptible to smudging & running. During the period of seventies, there was an arrival of alcohol based skin paint which was applied painfully by hand, still the effects were slightly more true as compared to normal make-up grease paint & also was sweat and water resistant. The alcohol based tattoos required a touch up each single day & because of the procedure, it took quite a few tattoo artists a number of hours for applying an actor with several pieces.


The art of movie tattoo designs required a development which it got during the nineties. The Pearl Harbor movie needed more than a few add-ons to be supplied along with wounds, in normal situations every individual would require to be done & this process required more time as well as money. A transfer was easy to create, it required very minimal maintenance & was able to last for up-to one week.


Some of the best movie tattoos designs:-


  1. Jack Carter’s Man-cats in the movie “Get Carter”
  2. Fox’s Multiple Tattoo designs in the movie “Wanted”
  3. Viper’s Face & Tongue Tattoos in the movie “Doomsday”
  4. Blade’s Tribals in the movie “Blade”
  5. Snake’s Snake in the movie “Escape from New York”

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