Model Tattoos

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Models are sexy girls who walk up and down the catwalk and sport classy clothes that every fashion-conscious individual would like to wear. Although there’s also quite a good number of male models in the industry, this line of work is mostly associated with the women. However, these models wear tattoos of a certain kind themselves. So more than the dresses they wear, their tattoos are quite notable too.

If you want model tattoos, you can do it both ways. You can draw your favorite model’s name or figure on your body, or you can wear the exact kind of tattoo that your favorite model have on. If you’re a man, the first option is something you’d definitely prefer. If you’re a woman, looking just like your favorite model – down to her tattoo – is not a very bad idea.

A fashion model known for her tattoo is Cara Delevingne. She has a lion tattoo on her knuckles and her initials on her hand. Supermodel Kate Moss, on the other hand, is the kind of woman any man would like to draw on his body. A nude Kate Moss tattoo is certainly something a man would like to wear to make him hotter.

One of the simplest model tattoos is the one that Gisele Bundchen is wearing. She’s got this little star on her wrist, which she claims is a shooting star that reminds her of her grandmother. Another very simple and self-explanatory model tattoo is the one the Chanel Iman wears. It is nothing but an image of a clothes hanger with her name written under it. Her explanation? People put clothes on the hanger and clothes are put on models like her. It simply means that she enjoys being a model.

So, what kind of model tattoo do you want? These sexy girls can definitely inspire the artist you.

Model Tattoos

Model Tattoos

Model Tattoos

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