Mermaid Tattoos

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The Best in Feminine Charm – Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaids tend to have a long-standing place in the Japanese & western history & their culture. Mermaids can perhaps be found as far back to the changing olden cultures which occupied lands that were close to the oceans. For example, the Romans along with the ancient Greeks have rich culture and history in mythology about the mermaids and a number of other alarms from the oceans.

Mermaid Tattoos
Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid Tattoos

It’s said by the early Greeks that living beings which are half beautiful lady and half fish would sit & wait on rocks combing their smooth and beautiful hairs & tried to capture the sailors who lost their path by fascinating them to her using her lovely singing voice.


Mermaid tattoo designs have from a long period become a sign for beauty. According to the early Greek mythology, mermaids were born as a result of a unification in between the gods Zeus & Poseidon with the sea fairies. Mermaids most of the times are also related with Aphrodite who’s the goddess of beauty, fertility, womanhood and love.


Ancient sailors had frequently reported that they saw beautiful women upon the rocks of the ocean that were half fish. As a result, the idea of having mermaid tattoo came into an existence ?in order to celebrate the visions which they experienced.


At the present time, mermaid tattoo designs are once again becoming quite popular & most women are trying to get this special tattoo design for them. Ladies also ink such tattoo designs for showcasing their feminine side in addition to an evidence to the women power and beauty which is one more reason why mermaids have grown their popularity in the present modern era. Magic, charm and femininity are the major symbols that come along with the Mermaid Tattoos.


Hence if you too are interested in having a mermaid tattoo design for you, it’s always crucial to perform a research on the representation of the design which you want to be tattooed with which will not only help in deciding if you actually would like to have the tattoo or not. Also know the best tattoo artist in your nearby region and talk over on your design choice & know how you will be able to add in designs so as to further produce an exclusive mermaid tattoo which you will be proud to showcase every time you go out.


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