Irish Tattoos

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Ireland is a very beautiful nation, with its people being quite notable. The Irish is quite a proud race that has shared a lot of things with the rest of the world. A few examples of which are the Irish coffee, the Irish beer, and now, the Irish tattoos. Just what are these tattoos and how interesting are they?
Irish Tattoos
Irish Tattoos

Irish Tattoos

Irish Tattoo Picture

Irish tattoos have a lot to do with Ireland’s culture and history. The tattoo designs that fall under this category are usually abstract, intricate, and shaded. The most common of which is the Irish Cross, which is a very popular symbol of the Celtic tribe.

Aside from the cross, the clover is also a very prominent figure for the Irish. And there are a lot of tattoo designs created out of them. The traditional three-leaf clover designs are quite popular. But of course, you would rather opt for the lucky four-leaf clover types, right? If you’re the kind of person who lives on luck, then such a tattoo is definitely for you.

There are a lot of tribal designs that are highly associated with the Irish as well. Find all of them and select the one that intrigues you most. The Celtic Star and the Celtic Triangle are good examples.

As for the meaning of Irish tattoos, most of them relate to bravery and chivalry, which are two things that Irish men are quite known for. Having said that, Irish tattoos are generally more popular among the gents than they are with the ladies. But because Irish people are both nationalistic and a sport lover, the Irish flag depicted in its full color has become a popular choice too. It’s also the kind that women will love wearing.

So just suit yourself by searching more about Irish tattoos. If you are a proud Irish man, you should definitely wear one. Wear and flaunt the tattoo of your nation like no other man would.

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