Infinity Tattoos

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The infinity sign may just be the most attractive symmetrical design ever conceptualized. And because this symbol used for a tattoo is quite intriguing, many people find it fitting enough to wear on their your fingers, the back, nape, or navel. But although a popular in the arts, do you know that the infinity sign is actually a mathematical symbol?

Infinity Tattoo Picture
Infinity Tattoos

Infinity Tattoos

Infinity Tattoos

Simply described, the infinity sign looks like the number 8 drawn sideways. It is a loop with a twist, like what most kids will say. Infinity is described as something that has no limits or bounds. In mathematics, it is the property of numbers that continues on and on, never stops.

Although simple looking, the actual meaning of infinity tattoos is what makes it big. For couples who decide to wear its tattoo, unending, enduring love is their hope. Some couples even add their name and the name of their partner along with the design.

If you would like to wear this tattoo, pick something that is well-adorned, as an alternate to the classic symbol. The classic infinity sign is indeed one of the simplest yet most popular tattoo ever drawn, as both men and women adore it.

Love and infinity go very well together. And that’s the reason why infinity tattoos are oftentimes drawn along with a heart, leaves, and similar things. So wear this tattoo like it grows on you. Aside from undying love, infinity may also mean immortality.

Browse through the different infinity designs available today. Find the one that could describe either your personal love or your love for life. These tattoos could get you enjoying life in a whole new light. If you wear it now, you might just live happily ever after.

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