Horse Tattoos

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Horses are not considered as mere pets. Long time ago, they were the highest mode of transportation. The actual role of horses, both then and now, can’t be underestimated. That is the reason why for a lot of people, these animals remain to be one of the best creatures that man has ever learned to domesticate.

Horse Tattoos
Horse Tattoos

Horse Tattoos

Horse Tattoo Pictures

If you love horses, then you deserve a horse tattoo. Such a tattoo is mostly seen among equestrians, jockeys, and certified horse lovers. These animals are not hard to adore, as they are strong, powerful, and very graceful. They are even trained to pull the chariots of the kings during battle – a task that both very demanding and highly dignified – which they can do notably well.

Horses are pretty animals which symbolize a lot of other things. In Chinese mythology, they are very popular motifs and is one of the twelve animals in their Zodiac calendar. Horses used as body arts can go from nice to amazing, especially if the tattoo artist was able to perfectly capture the full splendor of a horse, from the flair of its nose to the tip of its hoof.

When it comes to horse tattoos, one may opt for a single, full-profile horse or several of them. Drawing the head of the horse as a tattoo is already a good choice, especially if its good-looking mane is captured fairly well. Horses may be depicted in different settings as well – over the lavish greens, on top of the rocky mountains, or even among the clouds. It is also very possible to get a horse drawn on your body without any background and not lose an ounce of its magnificence.

Men and women may wear as many horse tattoos as they want. Just find yourself the design that captures everything that you think a horse really is. And that is how you know you have the best design that you will be able to wear proudly.

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