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The Way to Wear Hip Tattoos
Between men and women, women love wearing hip tattoo more. Hip tattoos are generally regarded as very feminine – especially for women with those sexy curves. And there are a lot of choices out there as far as these tattoos are concerned. As a matter of fact, many women prefer wearing flowers, ribbons, stars, animals, their favorite symbols, and almost everything else that they regard as pretty, on their hips.

Aside from design, some women opt to have two identical symbols drawn on both sides of their hips. For example, they choose a diamond tattoo. They would then have the artist draw the same image on the left and right side of their hips, creating a symmetric look.

For several women though, a tattoo drawn all around is the more preferred design. From the belly button going around and back to front again, they’d draw the symbols or patterns that they think suits their personality best. Some go for thorny vines. Others simply write their favorite quotes on this particular part of their body.

Hip tattoos appearing on just one side of the body is quite popular as well. Women who go for this design can pick either the left or the right side of their hips to determine where the tattoo will go. Many of them pick a vertically oriented design. The perfect designs are roses standing upright, quotes written slanting down, and other images like ships, flying butterflies, and tarot cards.

Hip tattoos are not really for everybody, but only for those who are really serious about this hobby. Although hips are one of the best places for a tattoo because it is somewhat hidden, it is also one of the most tender parts of the body – especially for the ones who don’t work out in the gym all too much. Get inspiration from the portfolio of your favorite artist and get that hip tattoo design that suits you best.

Hip Tattoos
Hip Tattoos

Hip Tattoo Designs

Hip Tattoos

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