Hindu Tattoos

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Also referred to as the spiritual tattoos, Hindu tattoos are not your regular body arts. They connote a certain meaning and may help in achieving better balance – at least that’s what the wearers would like to think. And just like what you may have already expected, these tattoos have a lot to do with enlightenment, karma, nirvana, and all other concepts related to Hinduism.
Hindu Tattoos
Hindu Tattoos
Hindu Tattoo pictures
Hindu Tattoos

These tattoos embroil the rich Hindu mythology, which talks about love, passion, bravery, loyalty, success, and war. There are dozens of known Hindu gods and goddesses that may be incorporated into the tattoo. For a lot of people, drawing Brahma on their body is the equivalent of having a Jesus tattoo, especially to those who consider themselves as an avid follower of Hinduism.

Hindu tattoos are quite popular among Hindus of course, although there are a lot of other people from different nationalities that find these tattoos interesting enough to wear. Such tattoos are best depicted in full color as well, which makes them even more attractive to both the wearer and the onlooker.

Aside from the faces and figures of the Hindu gods, the other prominent designs under this category include the lotus flower, the Om symbol, and the Hindu elephant, among others. When choosing which Hindu tattoo to wear, try to decipher its meaning first. You may want to pick something that can help you out, like the Om tattoo which is for health or the lotus flower that symbolize happiness. Make a quick search of Hinduism symbols before getting a tattoo. You never know it, but your tattoo may help you achieve all that you ever wanted in life.

Now that you’ve got more than enough reasons to get a Hindu tattoo, browse through the different designs available to you. Then settle for the one that is both visually and spiritually enticing. It may just be what you’ll ever need to live life like you always wanted.

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