Hand Tattoos

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The hands are one of the most used body parts. And mainly because they figure in almost every task, they have long become the favorite places for a tattoo. If you are looking for a good design for hand tattoos, try searching under the tribal, animal, flower, and skull categories. You will most likely find the best choices from there.

Hand Tattoos
Hand Tattoos

Hand Tattoo Design

Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos should complement the other tattoos that you may already have. You may also opt to get symmetric tattoos on both of your hands. Or you could decorate your good hand with all the nice tattoos that you can find, but leave the other hand clean. Go for a style that suits your taste. After all, hand tattoos are one of the most versatile places to draw a good tattoo design.

Finger tattoos may also be considered as hand tattoos. And deciding which to put on each finger can be quite exciting. Finger tattoos can replace the rings that you normally wear. Some even put letters on each finger to construct a word or even a phrase.

Your hand is a great body part to place a tattoo on. The tattoo design you choose may occupy the entire back of your hand or just a small part of it. You may also draw a tattoo on your palm to create or complete a certain effect. The possibilities that you have as far as hand tattoos are concerned are very wide and varied.

Pick a design that matches your personality the most. For example, those who love the vampire-werewolf subculture may opt to draw a vampire on one hand and a werewolf on the other. Or if you are a certified nature lover, why not draw a bird tattoo on your left hand and a full blossomed flower on the other?

Just let your creative juices flowing. The hand is indeed the perfect canvas for a tattoo. And that’s the reason why hand tattoos are very popular these days.

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