Funny Tattoos

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There have been funny tattoos, made especially when one is drunk and ends up daring with friends. The next morning you look and think “oh my god a tragedy”. In this post we will be a bit more sober, and speak about funny tattoos to be more specific. Have you ever asked yourself what you can do with a bow? Ideas are very feminine and attractive, a real alternative to the usual flowers and inflated stars. Before getting a tattoo is always necessary to study carefully what you would like to draw, as these are for life. In fact there are those who write about love, but these can be soon turned into a ridiculous tattoo.

For example the person that Tattoo the name of his girlfriend’s name “Brenda” hundreds of times on his back, using various different fonts. A tattoo that would seem a test of fonts. So where is the fun? What would happen if Brenda leaves him? He will never be able to take off his shirt anymore in public. In this case it is funny to who sees it and not so funny to who has created the tattoo on his back.

Other funny tattoos can be those that use a piece of your body as a part of the tattoo. For example the belly button is used in a very original tattoo as the bottom of a cow, this would be also according to your anatomy. You need a really big belly button.

Very popular tattoos are flowers, or designs that depict the world of fairies and elves and beloved stars, but if you want to try something new let yourself be tempted by little bows.

Here depicted are sum fun tattoos of the bow. These have been tattooed at the back of the neck nearly like a little cute parcel a very girly design but at the same time it could also be represented in various ways, and styles, from girlish to the hard rock. As always, however, do think thoroughly before you decide to tattoo yourself, a tattoo is forever, well almost!

The bow is a design that can be very feminine. If you want a tattoo with these features you can play with colours as an alternatively to the typical tattoo. You could design a bracelet made of laces on your wrist that ends in a cute bow. This would be very funny. Or try a bracelet, an anklet or a ring all tied by pretty bow. The laces could be used to write a name and the know at the end of .

The lace could mean a strong bond.

So as you can see there are various types of funny tattoos, for the very funny to the cute funny tattoos. Now it all depends on you and what type of person you are.

Funny Tattoos
Funny Tattoos

Funny Tattoos

Funny Tattoo Picture

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