Frog Tattoos

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Frog has spiritual or cultural influence in the world. Normally, the symbolic meaning of frog tattoo comes from physical characteristics, productive capacity and adaptability of frog to its surroundings. The metamorphosis frog transforms from tadpole to adult is similar to the butterfly in the view of physical change. Adult frog can produce thousands of tadpoles to persist in specie life.

Besides, frog easily adapt to new environment. Frog is amphibian so it can subsist in water and on land. On the condition that the soil maintain moist, tadpoles can subsist on land. That’s why frogs can spread through the world. Frog can make a leap of twenty times its body length. In case it eats harmful substance, it can back up into the mouth from stomach again. Take account of this, it is easy to know why the frog is used to represent fertility, vitality, fortitude, metamorphosis, revivification, rebirth, accommodating.

Many countries regard the frog as sanctity and bring good fortune. For instance, Ancient Egyptian looked up to frogs as an emblem of life and guarder on the itinerary after death.

Ancient Tartars believed that frog brought human a method for lighting fire.

The lban in Borneo thought frog was the creator of men and frog tattoo engraved on the throat could prevent an lban fighter from being beheaded in war.

Chinese saw green frog as a minor deity and liked to insert a coin in its mouth to wish for thriving business.

Native American tribes thought frog brought rain because frogs wouldn’t turn up until spring. Frogs also represented the commencement of spring and life that started afresh. Frogs were viewed as savant by monks and instructed them to search for the truth.

However, Western people thought yell of frog is sly. They fancied certain gods had a predilection for frog and frog played witchcraft. The bad appearance of frog such as bulbous eyes, wet and sticky body makes it inseparably link with undesirable things. Western people associated frogs with the demon, enchantress, pestilence and noxious disease. Fairy story depicted princes was subjected to discipline by being changing into frogs.

Division arises over the interpretation of frog tattoo so you must have an exhaustive study of meaning of frog tattoo before you settle on it.

Frog Tattoos
Frog Tattoos

Frog Tattoos

Frog Tattoo Picture

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