Flame Tattoos

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Flame tattoos can be identified as imaginary art drawn with flame or flame is associated with smoke. The flame tattoos are conceptualized and drawn by tattoo professionals. Flame illustrations are drawn to represent thoughts and thoughts are creatively related with flames. Every flame tattoo represents different kind of meaning. If you ask how and why we have to consider different kind of meaning for every flame tattoo? The answer is simple, because fire played major role in human evolution.

Right from the discovery of fire, fire was the essential source in creating weapons to save human life against wild animals, for making equipments through the process of heating and shaping and of course we are using for cooking foods. The usages of fire for human being is enormous but same purpose has been turned into opposite as the fire can also be used for destruction. For example, a small fire can destroy whole forest and cause disastrous destruction to human and environment. Likewise fire is symbolized to explaining creative thoughts of creation and destruction from ancient times. Positively flames can represent feelings of love, passion, desire, energetic and temptation.

Negatively flames can be used to represent destroy, evil and lust. Most religions believe fire is for destruction and the hell is made up of fire. Religious people also refers fire is symbol of Satan. Flame always symbolized with some symbols for example phoenix with fire wings represents revolution and recreation. Likewise the following symbols are created with flames which are skull, dragon, devil and heart. Flame tattoos are famous among bike riders because fire represents blazing speed. Based upon religion belief fire is for destruction in hell and gives meaning of warning sign and caution effect to save from evil.

Heart with flame indicates extreme feeling about love and most of youngsters are crazy to paint it on body. Human skull with flame is another famous symbol implies meanings of death, evil and danger. The skull with burning flame also represents second life and showing courageous against enemies, tough to beat and forcefulness especially in fighting. Skull with flame tattoos can be broadly seen among wrestlers and men. Flame tattoos are not only inked on skin of arms and shoulders also printed on dresses, hand gloves and masks with flame shapes which demonstrates vigorous power. Above all flames are used for lighting in the dark similarly flame tattoo means directing against darkness. Various people uses flame tattoos for publicity and seeking supports.

Flame Tattoos
Flame Tattoos

Flame Tattoos

Flame Tattoo Design

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