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Wearing Flag Tattoos High and Proud

Flag tattoos, by far, are the simplest and the most popular tattoo worn not just by celebrities but by regular johns and janes. These tattoos are common in countries of people of high nationalistic sentiment. Americans are one of those. They definitely love drawing their national flag on their bodies.

The idea behind flag tattoos is fairly simple. You just have to draw your nation’s flag – or of another country if you want – in a particular part of your body. A very popular spot for flag tattoos are the biceps, chest, and back.

Be sure to make your flag tattoo look realistic enough by using the right colors. For the American flag, the usual red, white, and blue shades are necessary. It is also possible to add a touch of creativity to your tattoo while you’re at it. Simply integrate a few more national elements into your chosen design to complete the effect. The American eagle, Uncle Sam, and the map of the US are all great additions to a flag tattoo.

Flag tattoos are very popular among athletes and military personnels. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one for yourself. Simply drop by the place of your favorite tattoo artist and check out his latest designs. If you want, you can also search over the internet for different styles that you can possibly try.

Get inspirations from celebrities for your flag tattoo. Rapper Sammy Adams and car racer Danica Patrick are two of the famous celebrities with flag tattoos drawn on their bodies. Danica mixed her American flag tattoo with the checkered race track flag. You can also try to do the same thing to come up with the most unique concept. Always remember that tattoos are worn as a form of self expression. So if you are one nationalistic guy, these are the tattoos that suit you best.

Flag Tattoos
Flag Tattoos

Flag Tattoos

Flag Tattoo Picture

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