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The rise in popularity of the Mixed Martial Arts and the amount of fighters that are coated in tattoos has quickly made fighter tattoos to be the most popular types of tattoo for a male. However, this type of tattoo isn’t easy to define. The reason for this is that when you get a tattoo, it means something to you personally, and therefore there are a plethora of different fighter tattoos out there. There are a few types which appear more often than the others however, and I am going to take you through each of these.

Perhaps the most popular of the fighter tattoos is the Japanese Symbol. In fact, the majority of the familiar fighters are used as a symbol for bravery and will be worn on someone’s body. It is not necessary for you to get all the detail and shape entirely from your ‘favourite’ fighter, instead of having words written in Japanese that are incredibly personal to you. Perhaps that’s why it is so popular. It enables you to follow the crowd, but to also have your own individuality at the same time.

Another of the fighter tattoos which seems to be a tidal current thing nowadays are tribal tattoos. These are incredibly beautiful designs, and the major benefit of these is that if you have ever been dying for full body tattoos they can be linked up into something fairly extravagant. The majority of fighters have these tattoos on their chest, however, I have seen plenty of people sporting the fantastic tribal designs on their back. Where you have the tattoo is honestly up to you.

Whilst this is certainly one of the most dedicated fighter tattoos, I have seen plenty of people in the MMA sporting the logo of their ‘gym’ as a pledge of allegiance. Not so ideal if you are copying designs as it won’t mean anything to you. Fantastic if you are a professional fighter and want to pledge your support for your trainers, don’t try to change gyms though, that probably won’t work out so well for your tattoo! Alternatively you could get your ‘sport’ tattooed onto yourself.

All top fighters have nicknames, so why not have one of those tattooed onto your back? If you aren’t a fighter, then you may have your own nickname, and thus you can stick that on there as well. Obviously it won’t make sense if you copy fighter tattoos as they won’t mean anything to you, but of course, your own nickname will be fine.

Many fighters also choose biblical verses as their tattoo, so this may be another option to look into when considering your fighters tattoo.

Take your time to choose the right fighter tattoos for yourself. There are plenty of designs out there, and as with all tattoos it should not be a light hearted decision. Once you have selected the tattoo which you feel is right for your needs, choose a reputable company which is able to give you a fantastic tattoo.

Fighter Tattoos
Fighter Tattoos

Fighter Tattoo Design

Fighter Tattoos

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