Fantasy Tattoos

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Fantasy tattoos are created by imaginative people to represent creative thoughts through non existing characters and animals in the world and thoughts are based upon mythological believes. Creative people design tattoos to express through portrayed illustration. Illustrations are designed not just for fun or grab others attention. Illustration conveys message and express strong emotions. People are serious in choosing right tattoo to express. An expression of thought might be a dream of future and dream might be an individual’s desire to be happened, great ideas, philosophical thoughts and personality. Fantasy tattoos are one of the greatest ways to express individual’s passion and most of the fantasy arts are created with imaginary world of shapes.

Fantasy tattoos such as dragon tattoos, fairy tattoos, naked flying women tattoos, winged women who sitting over a branch of a tree, butterfly wings, horses and phoenix tattoos are common. Every tattoo has a symbol that carries meaning. For instance, phoenix tattoo describes rebirth, protection and progressiveness based upon myths.

All fantasy tattoos are not made for both men and women because men never choose fantasy tattoos as women pick. For instance, mermaid symbol is looking good with ladies and color of mermaid like pink color suitable only for ladies. The mermaid tattoos are also very famous among swimmers and person who is working at sea and rivers related. Young ladies mostly prefer fairies to express as being teen age and it conveys meaning of prettiness, innocence and femaleness. Most teen girls choose flowers and butterflies tattoos to express themselves as soft nature. Many fantasy tattoos are common for both men and women for example zodiac symbols. Aries, Sagittarius and Scorpion tattoos are very famous fantasy tattoos.

Many men prefer to have dragon tattoos which represent potent, strong and courageous. Fantasy tattoos are better looking in arms and back of shoulders of muscular men. People also interested to create tattoos based upon movie fictional characters and they believe that characters save from evils and help to gain confidence. Many people are not interested to have same tattoo. In order to create any unique fantasy tattoos from scratch, the extreme imaginative ideas are vital and specialized tattooing shops with specialized tattoo artist professional can come up with perfect designs for you. Choosing right and design unique fantasy tattoo is one time investment in life time. You must choose good and experienced body art work especially for creating new fantasy tattoos.

Supernatural forces, flying wings skeleton head are famous in pop society. Dragon with human head and blowing fire tattoos shows aggressiveness against bad evils. The well versed martial-art people are also using dragon tattoos for symbolizing nativity of martial-arts and projecting as a powerful warrior. Traditional people believe Pegasus or unicorn with flying wings describes calm and peaceful. Football fans are also would like to have unicorn as fantasy tattoo. Extreme religious thoughtful people also ink religious tattoos on body particularly in arms. Some people like to have tattoos of movie characters such as Conan, Final Fantasy, and lord of the rings.

Fantasy Tattoo Picture
Fantasy Tattoo Picture

Fantasy Tattoo Picture

Fantasy Tattoo Picture

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