Family Tattoos

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Family Tattoos: Tattoos with a Meaning

For a lot of people, families are a sacred thing. They are the most important things in the world. They are so important that they deserve a tattoo or a mark on one’s body. A person’s deep love for his family may be depicted through his tattoo. It is one way to show that he is fully connected to them. And if all the other members have the same tattoo, then they must be feeling the same way.

Family Tattoos
Family Tattoos

Family Tattoos

Family Tattoo Picture

Family tattoos may come in two forms. The first kind is the one where the word ‘family’ is literally written on the body to show an individual’s reverence to his kins. The other type may come with a logo or a symbol that is unique to their clan. It could be their last name inked in a special way in the same manner among all family members. The tattoo may also show the given names of each member written lovingly on different parts of the body, or all at one spot.

Ambigrams are also popularly used for family tattoos. Because these tattoos mostly use words, the double meaning of the symbols proves to be a very interesting choice. You may combine your name and a loved one’s to the ambigram. This is a neat family tattoo that kins should consider.

There is no surprise why family tattoos have such a huge following. Loving one’s family is but natural. What’s not natural is if you don’t care about them. Families are forever. They are supposed to stick with you through thick or thin. And the best representation of that is if you choose to literally stick their name into your body so they’ll stay with you until forever. Sometimes, their initials will do. And if you have a deceased family member, their year of birth and death may be nice to add.


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