Egyptian Tattoos

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If you intend to get some astonishing body art, I would recommend you Egyptian tattoos. Some said the Egyptians firstly ushered in body tattoo art to South East Asia about 2000BC. Body tattoo art had found wide application in religious belief, medical science in the past. Besides, tattoo design was substituted for a protective talisman and a symbolic representation of social status. We will run back over some prevalent styles, which are seen in Egyptian tattoos, so as to discern clearly which one will be a good fit on you.

Egyptian Symbol Tattoos

Great varieties of symbols are discovered in the film of ancient Egypt and each one brings its unique meanings. We list some familiar designs which are used on Egyptian tattoos. It includes:

Eye of the Horus
Horus is a sovereign of Egypt with a hawks head. He owns a pair of magical eyes which is able to catch sight of all things. The “Eye of the Horus” is very famous and regarded as the sacred eye. This design symbolizes recovery and safeguard.

The Ankh is the Egyptian cross and often carved on the thorax, shoulders, wrists and ankles. It represents everlasting life. Anubis, who is Egyptian God, with the head of a jackal always carries an ankh. He is responsible to judge one’s merits and faults and decide if that person is sent to the netherworld.

Refer to ancient Egyptian mythology; Bastet is goddess with head of the cat. She is responsible to safeguard and give human being cheerfulness and health. She also represents fertility and childbirth. Therefore, the ancient Egyptians all looks up to her. Bastet tattoo design is particularly suitable for those people who are cat fanciers and also fond of ancient Egyptian culture and mythology. This tattoo occupies larger surface area so back, stomach or shoulder is a fine location.

Ancient Egyptians thought that Scarab was one of the sacred creatures because it represented transmigration. Royal insignia of the Egyptian Pharaohs comprised the image of scarab. You can combine or merge with other ancient Egyptian tattoo design to create unique one.

Except aforesaid symbols, the sphinx, phoenix and scorpion tattoo design are representative work of Egyptian tattoo art. If you want to get an exquisite and magnificent design, you can incorporate the pictures of the well-known Pharaohs such as Tutankhamen, Nefertiti, Ramses into your Egyptian tattoo. In addition, Egyptian Symbol can be accompanied with pictorial and alphabet hieroglyphs for a detailed description. However, you have to ensure that your translation is accurate.

Egyptian Tattoos
Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian Tattoos

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