Cherub Tattoos

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Cherub Tattoos and Their Meanings

Who doesn’t like to wear those cute and cuddly cherub tattoos? Cherub tattoos are not only popular with women but also among males. Cherub or cherubim represent the angels that guard heaven. They are very powerful beings with big wings with fierce faces.

However, that’s not what cherubs look like in cherub tattoos. Instead of a picture of a full grown man with a strong faces, they look more like young baby angels with wings. Some come complete with a halo while others have flowers on their head. Depending upon the design you choose, other elements like laces and clouds may also be integrated in your tattoo.

Many people want to have cherub tattoos because they believe that angels could provide them with some sort of protection. It’s like having your guardian in your body all the time. However, it’s also true that cherubs have three other faces aside from that of a human. Cherub could also have the head of a lion, eagle, or ox. Lion cherub signifies leadership. Eagle cherub represents wisdom and the ox cherub is for power.

However, there’s one very common cherub that signifies love – Cupid. Don’t forget that Cupid is an angel too as he comes with wings, a magical set of bow and arrow, and that cute pixie face. If you want to wear love and the magic of it all year round, get yourself a cupid tattoo. You’ll definitely enjoy love’s abundance by then.

Cherub tattoos can go from cute to serious to powerful. And depending on the wearer, it’s perfect on one’s shoulders, arms, and chest. However, it can also be placed on the back, legs, and nape. Some people opt to have their cherub tattoos colored, while others would rather have them plain black.

Whatever your choice is for cherub tattoos, just make sure that it complements your personality perfectly. If you’re a lover and a follower of angels, this tattoo is perfect for you. Wear one and feel blessed and protected all the time.

Cherub Tattoos
Cherub Tattoos

Cherub Tattoos

Cherub Tattoos

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