Cat Tattoos

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Cat tattoos are excellent designs which make women look incredibly sexy. Formerly, cat tattoo is regarded for the ardent cat fanatic’s exclusive use, however actually enthusiastic partisan of cat tattoo are a huge crowd and a long list of reasons they have to get cat tattoos.

To start with, for cat fanatic, none is better and more durable than you engrave your pet’s face upon you in memory of your favorite pet. A lifelike cat tattoo will evoke happy memories with your pet from time to time, and will also look pretty on you.

Cat owners often confess themselves to have a predilection for cats. Usually some attribute of the cat resemble their personality of their hosts. Cats have many excellences which are good in human, including clever, keen scent, dexterous and quick in action, agile mind, and sex appeal. They have acute perception of change and always remain vigilance.

All of these attributes can be materialized through a beautiful cat tattoo design. These designs can be true to life or cartoonish. They can abstract or concrete and classical or modern.

Cat tattoos and cat designs of long standing in the art and culture of various countries can date from an early period of handicraft in history.

The ancient Egyptians looked up to cats and cat is a beloved pet of imperial family, Egyptian gods and goddesses. So they produced a lot of surrealistic and abstract paintings and sculptures of ancient Egyptian Cat Gods. As rumor had it that cat had nine lives, it was used to represent transmigration and spirituality. Hieroglyphic style cat tattoos are not only conspicuous but also a good way to catch this ideological outlook of the animal of the cat family.

Excluding the house cat, alley cats and large size cats are also good targets for tattoo designs. A number of different species of cat is loudly praised their good qualities in traditional craft and art, for instance lion’s majesty and the tiger’s savageness. Tiger tattoos are particularly pretty on women since the striped design can enhance wildness and sexy appeal of female.

No matter you prefer house cat, or alley or big cat, cat tattoos are good selection for anyone, not restricted to cat owners.

As you draw a cat design, ensure that it is a highly personalized design and conveys message about you so that you’ll feel glad to have it in the future.

The best way to select the most suitable design for you is to begin by visiting some tattoo website so that you can fast know what you are fond of and what you dislike. Even though you may conceive an original design, it is necessary to refer to other brilliant designs to furnish the basis of your own theme.

Cat Tattoos
Cat Tattoos

Cat Tattoos

Cat Tattoos

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