Bug Tattoos

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Certainly today we see always more and more people with tattoos and they always have these questions about tattoos. Today we will speak a bit more in depth regarding tattoos and to focus on bug tattoos.

Well one of the questions I ask myself and I guess many also ask is when ever I decide or anybody decides to get a tattoo, is this done for fashion or for art itself? The next question is weather this tattoo has a meaning.

As we know getting a tattoo involves tearing and break of the skin or rather modify the skin and therefore we must bear in mind that this modification will be with us for all our lives and that is where we must think about it carefully before asking for a tattoo. At the same time the design should have a deep or personal meaning.

At times a simple bug tattoo might look very simple and ridiculous, but it could have a very deep meaning.
In fact, if you think of the ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians, their sacred symbol was the beetle. This bug was represented throughout the pyramids. The Bug was a symbol of the gods.

The Beetle was perhaps the best known Egyptian sacred symbol in an absolute terms: wrapped in the mysterious beauty of this ancient culture it is a is a symbol of the sun, but also the resurrection and male self-healing, the sun rising in the morning dispels the darkness. A tattoo of the bug would have a deeper meaning than what people would expect. Not everyone knows that the Egyptians believed that all the beetles were male.

But the Beetle is not limited to ancient Egyptian culture but is also found in other civilizations, like the Maya, or ancient Rome and Asia.

A bug tattoo can remind us to live life as if the sun could set down on us at any time and often too quickly, or as a representation of fertility. Thus a bug tattoo could mean being reborn every day.

So if you are thinking about getting a tattoo on that investigates has both a good image and meaning to it, do keep in mind a bug tattoo. Remember this tattoo will be with you throughout the rest of your life and the last thing you want is to repent of fact that you had just tattooed your self due to a fad and not to a deeper meaning like the bug tattoo.

Bug Tattoos
Bug Tattoos

Bug Tattoos

Bug Tattoos

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