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Most of people do not get a tattoo for the mere purpose of decoration. Each tattoo possesses its own specific significance so they make use of tattoo to convey their feelings, ideas, show their unique personality. Star tattoos aren’t exception. Star tattoos also have an interior meaning concealed in their design. Let’s discuss its symbolic significance for different type of star tattoo designs.

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All of us understand that tattoos are cool artworks. If you think that that all star tattoo designs are same, you may arbitrarily choose without consideration. It is not judicious decision. Each tattoo designs possess their particular meaning. Because of its special meaning, tattoos have always fascinated each one. Among innumerable tattoo designs, I randomly pick star tattoos as our topic for investigation. Let’s gain deeper insight significance behind its design.

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What is the symbolic meaning of star tattoos?
If you want to know the general meaning of star tattoos, you need to put a question to yourself, what do stars represent? Star symbolizes the desire or determination to accomplish their target and represents enlightenment, erudition and beauty. Star also signifies new beginning of life, triumph, hope and dream. Let’s classify star tattoos meaning according to its designs.

Star Tattoo meanings # 1
Shooting star: shooting star symbolizes event or thing that last a transient time but make people unforgettable forever, such as stirring love, separation from your lover forever due to major catastrophe or accident. Shooting stars look resplendent and are perfect to recall of elapsed and essential day.

Star Tattoo meanings # 2
Nautical Star: Everyone has ever heard biblical story of Three Wise Kings. It narrates how they discover their way to place of Jesus’ birth, Bethlehem by tagging along the North Star. Before magnetic needle is invented, seafarer and journeyer used to look for their direction with the aid of the nautical star. In the past, they have a nautical star tattooed on their body so as to bless them from all evils and avoid going astray. This tattoo implies their wish to carve out their path. Nautical star symbolizes safeguard and guidance.

Star Tattoo meanings # 3
Pentagram: The five point star has two types of different meaning, which is opposite to each other. Its meaning is altered along with the change in its orientation. If pentagram faces upward, it symbolizes balance and protection. On the contrary, if pentagram faces downward, it symbolizes Devil. Therefore, if a person have downward facing pentagram star tattooed on their body, that person worships Devil and preaches the word of Devil.

Star Tattoo meanings # 4
Some people call hexagram the Star of David. Its name originally comes from Jewish legend. As the story goes, when King David was an adolescents, he fought his enemy giant Goliath with a shield bearing a hexagram-shape pattern. When people see hexagram, they naturally remember his heroic deed. So, posterity called hexagram Shield of David or Star of David.

Some people call the six pointed star the Creator’s Star. Each points stand for a day of week and the center represent Sabbath.

That six pointed star has a strong linkage with Jew, During the Holocaust, the Nazis compelled Jews to put yellow hexagram as an identifying emblem on their clothes. As war came to an end, Jew views this symbol of shame and death as an emblem of honor.

Star Tattoo meanings # 5
Septagram (seven-pointed star) symbolizes integration and mystery. It is linked to seven planets of ancient astrology and to ancient Hindu sevenfold chakra system.

Star Tattoo meanings # 6
Octogram (eight-pointed star) symbolizes completeness and regenerative cycle, and is associated with eight-fold systems, for instance, Chinese Ba gua, 8 sabbats of the pagan year.

Star Tattoo meanings # 7
Nonogram: A nine pointed star is rarely seen. It is quite difficult to tattoo nonogram so few people select it. Nonogram represents achievement and stability. From ancient time, there is hearsay that nonogram has mystical force. It can maintain and bring stability to human life.

Star Tattoo Ideas for Men
Star tattoos look great on men. Nevertheless, guys need to ensure to place star tattoos in the suitable locations. Guys can have star tattooed on upper arm, side, back shoulders and wrist.

Star Tattoo Ideas for women
Survey of the public opinion reveals that among all tattoo design, girl with star tattoos can produce the greatest lure to men because star tattoos are full of mysterious charm. Girls can adorn their ankle; lower back, hips, shoulder, wrist, back shoulder with star tattoos.

Whichever the star tattoo designs you take, you must keep in mind that your star tattoos should be placed on such location that it can easily to be shown and hidden.

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