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When people want to leave a virile and unyielding impression on someone at the first sight, they usually choose an image of a skull, particularly as all sorts of various skull tattoo designs are available for selection. At the first time, skull is usually associated in most people’s minds with death or dauntlessness at the start.

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People usually imagine skull has the power of evil. Actually, there is nothing to be dreadful. What impression created in our brain is determined by designs. Amusing drawing of skull set people laughing. It is funny to see that dread, horrible image of skull evolves into delightful and mysterious image of skull. It totally relies on application of color and composition of the picture. Nevertheless, meaning of skull tattoo still remains unchanged no matter what image is picked.

Refer to Christian art and culture, skull represents undying, penitence and human vainglory. A skull with a poisonous snake creeping over the eye sockets symbolizes imperishability and erudition. However more essentially thing is that skull itself is a symbol of victory. At war with other country, potentates may dispatch orders and ask for the head of the enemy because beheading is a strong proof that their enemy is certified dead. It also shows their absolute authority and ascendancy.

Far back in history, the skull represents dramatic variation rather than dying or perils. Nowadays, tattooist uses dull color to draw skulls as the dramatic variation for a person in their life is to face death. However don’t allow death or displeasing portrait frightens you away from obtaining a skull tattoo because skull is capable of more positive interpretation. Skull tattoos can also be symbolic representative of safeguard, force, and authority. Skull symbolize the period during which you avert a disaster or conquer difficulty that displays your outstanding ability and resolution as a human being. Aside from these, the image of a skull can enhance your tenacious character.

If you can differentiate between positive and negative meaning of skull, then you have already general idea how to obtain unique skull tattoo designs.

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