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An air of mystery pervade scorpion. Scorpion captivates numerous artists. Scorpion has been a rich source of inspiration for a tattooist of various tribes, regardless of their cultural background, tradition, so that they produces varied eminent scorpion tattoo designs. You may wonder why Scorpion has such glamour. Before answer this question, we recognize its characteristic and history firstly.

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When we talk about a scorpion, you naturally feel afraid. It is because its shiny black color, swift crawling and pointed poisonous stings make someone eerie. If outsider or enemy intrudes on their living, they pierce enemy’s skin and infuse toxic substance into enemy and cause them losing consciousness or death, just determined by individual sensitivity. Humanity are rather susceptible to stinging and some tribes deem its stinging a vindictive act of Satan.

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In ancient time, some tribal people had scorpion tattooed on their body in order to recognize their identities and prove that they were the member of their tribe. Some tribes believed that engraved scorpion pattern on their body could act as charm that protected one by keeping away from evil.

Rumor has it that arachnidan has some restorative power and shrewd sense. Scorpions are the protector and therapeutist of the dead. Some tribe trusts that their martial heroes will become half scorpion and half human creature after their death so that they can continue to fight off the attackers. Thus, scorpion is used to symbolize life and death, healing and pain.

Some astrologist believed that Scorpion, who born between 23 October and 21 November, etched a scorpion pattern on their skin so that they could be immune to contradictory forces from other planets and scorpion tattoo was also able to defend Scorpion from sickness, harm.

If you pay attention on the surroundings, you will find that many Hollywood stars and celebrities like to have various scorpion tattoo designs on conspicuous place. Scorpion tattoos are not only deeply adored by men, but also by women and young people. For women, carve scorpion on their thigh, back, belly, arms or breast can display their natural beauty. For men, the scorpion tattoo designs reveal their masculinity. If you resolved on picking a scorpion tattoo, we have made some suggestion for you in order to make your scorpion tattoo look really cool.

Make sure that the scorpion tattoo design or photos you take along can show its structure in full detail. The selected picture can show its segmented tail and jointed leg clearly.

You can stain a scorpion tattoo any color. If you give up using classic black, think about covering the scorpion tattoo with bright colors. If the pictorial scorpion has numerous stripes on its body, it will make the pictorial scorpion seem to have protective coloration makings of a real scorpion.

Prefer large-sized scorpion to small one so as to observe all the details distinctly and facilitate appreciation of your complex and exquisite tattoo design. You would rather putting the scorpion tattoo on capacious body part, for examples, back or the shoulder blade than your wrist or ankle because it is too difficult or impossible for tattooist to engrave all the details on such small area.

Spend more time on selecting a scorpion tattoo design that appear as pretty as the real scorpion and on seeking tattooist who is apt at carving complicated design on human body. Your tattoo will accompany you forever so good preparations and appropriate measure can make sure that you will be satisfied with the outcome.

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