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Koi Fish has always been popular among tattoo designs due to its symbolic significance and artistic attraction. Bright and vivid colors are a feature of the Koi Fish and they are always used to symbolize good fortune and striving for living. Koi Fish is classified as the same family as Carp. Koi Fish is also eminent for their strong personality such as indomitability, animal spirits and strength. This explains why many tattoo enthusiasts are fond of Koi Fish tattoo and agree that Koi Fish is excellent tattoo design.

tattoo design

tattoo design

Meanings and Symbolism
Koi Fish becomes a part of age-long Japanese culture because Koi Fish establishes strong association between human being and intense desire to achieve a goal or determined resolution to be successful. In the light of their fairy story, if a Koi Fish is capable of swimming against the current of stream, out to the Yellow River and set foot in the Dragon Gate, Koi Fish will be transformed into Dragon. Henceforward, Koi Fish comes to symbolize that someone obtains victory and indefatigably gets over adversities in life successfully.

Some people would like to use Koi Fish to pray for proceeding smoothly without a hitch and happiness. If a person tattoos Koi Fish swimming downward, it imports that they need to sweep away all obstacles in path and tolerate arduous, difficult event that occur in their life. On the other hand, if a person tattoos Koi Fish swimming upward, it represents smooth going and the event within the control of them.

Best Body Location
It is the best to select body location where the gay features and tiny details of Koi Fish tattoos is able to unfold before everyone. Thus, for the sake of showing the beauty of Koi Fish, you are advised to choose the part of body with large surface areas for placement of Koi Fish tattoo. For men, I would recommend them to select calf, back, chest. For women, I would suggest rib side, shoulder blade, back.

Best Sources of Koi Fish Tattoos
You would naturally prefer to have tattoo with unique and special style for yourself. You would not like to have same tattoo designs as the other people. Although many people tattoo Koi Fish on them, Koi Fish tattoos can carry various styles. Provided that your tattoo artist has boundless creative power to make your Koi Fish tattoos peculiar to you, your Koi Fish tattoo must stand out from them.

You can search for information and pictures of various Koi Fish tattoos and then discuss with your tattoo artist to slightly modify the design to suit the needs of you, even though you might defray additional money for this, However, tattoo artist deserves to receive extra remuneration if her work bears the imprint of originality and highly individual of style.

If you wish your tattoo hold a special attraction for people, you need to spend more time on design. Some people may discard common used orange color and pick rarely seen silver and dark blue color. These tattoo designs have excellent optical effect. You can coordinate different colors with Koi Fish tattoo designs at will. You can insert other Japanese symbols make it more lifelike.

Many websites provide plenty of tattoo pictures and allow you to be registered as membership immediately so that you can download thousands of tattoo pictures from their gallery. You can mix and match the design as you please in order to transform original design into unique, innovative Koi Fish tattoo design that you are happy to have engraved on you during a whole lifetime

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