Flower Tattoo Meanings

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Vivid colors and complicated but subtle designs of flower tattoo make girls crazily love them. Flower tattoo significances also substantially affect their decision. The significances of tattoo are mostly affected by cultures, religions and at that time. Some tattoo designs have particular significances for specific group of wearer.

In ancient days, tattoos have been used to show the particularity of each one and as badge of social status. People were engraved with designated tattoo designs that manifested their faithfulness to their tribal unit. Tattoos designs were drawn on knight so as to state their personal traits. In some tribal units, they carved tattoo designs which were able to properly describe their attribute on their tribal women. To assist you easily recognize, girls were engraved with “Daisy” design as the Daisy symbolized single-minded, artless. Due to various cultures, division arises over the interpretation of different species of flowers, and symbolic representative of flower tattoo will change from culture to another culture. However, some flower tattoo meanings are extensively accepted and recognized, for instance, the Red Rose is an emblem of love across numerous cultures and religions.

Flower Tattoos and Meanings

The use of the body pattern to convey messages is growing popular day after day, and a mix of people express personal feeling, thinking through tattoos. Tattoo art has taken a great leap forward and tattooists apply 3D technique on tattooing aspect and coat fluorescent substance to make tattoo design to glow in the darkness. Girl in any age group has a traditional preference for flower tattoos, only difference between them is the design tattooed on their body.


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While discussing flower tattoo significances and symbolism especial notice must be offered to the rose, due to the great diversity and universality of this flower.

Red Rose: It is an emblem of love and esteem

Yellow Rose: An emblem of comradeship and faithfulness

White Rose: Represents simple-hearted and dedication

Pink Rose: Symbolizes elegance and thanksgiving


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People from different cultural background adore the lotus flower. Due to its feature of blooming in the mud, it is regarded as a symbolic representative of chasteness. The lotus flower tattoo significances derived from dissimilar culture are different but very charming. Terefore it explains why lotus flower tattoo design becomes a lot of people’s favorite flower. Refer to the Hindu ancient book, both the goodness of riches “Laxmi” and the goodness of prosperousness “Saraswati” sat on the lotus. Refer to the record of Chinese ancient book, the stalk of the lotus represents unyieldingness and unbending and the lotus flower represents creation. Refer to Egyptian ancient book, the lotus represents initiation and rebirth, the Egyptians are convinced of that the God of sun turns up from the lotus flower.

Lily looks as if the rose also has diverse breeds and each type of lily has its unique significance. Its graceful shape of the Lily makes people love it. The Japanese tiger Lily flower tattoo represents pride and bloom.

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White Lily: Indicates chasteness and simple-hearted

Pink Lily: An emblem of riches and bloom

Orange Lily: Represents hate and contemptuousness


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Sunflower among the flower language is prominent, because the significance of the tattoo relies upon the size of the flower. Small size sunflower symbolizes esteem and appreciation and large size sunflower represents devotion and faithfulness.


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In the light of its wild nature, the hibiscus flower tattoo can be painted in bright colors such as red and orange. Hawaiians are very fond of hibiscus flower tattoo. This flower represents virginity and is a lot of young ladies’ favorite. This flower blossoms for a transient period and Hawaiians regard it as an emblem of life, which lasts for a short time.

The flower tattoo significances are very profound and purity. Due to their exquisite and pretty designs, either men or women develop a fondness for flower tattoo design. Combination of flower tattoo designs and other tattoo designs such as butterfly tattoo or sun tattoo designs, creates cheery pictures.

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