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Dragons have a charism for modern day men and women; they are both reminders of a dark and fear past, and a testament to human beings’ conquest over what they cannot realize. In many case the dragon tattoos that we watch today are embezzled from the Chinese culture which still has a living relationship with the dragon. You only have to join one Chinese festival to understand how essential the dragon is to the Chinese comprehend who they are.

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Time was when tattoos were associated with the Chinese mafia or with other forms of crime. Nowadays they have a much more widespread attraction and one that goes far beyond the boundary of China itself. Today everyone appears to have fallen in love with the dragon and more and more number of people is demanding for dragon tattoos. The dragon is a symbol of mystery and fairy tale it is a mighty symbol that has controlled of hearts and minds in the East and the West. Therefore, the dragon is at the same time both symbolic of terror and deserving admire. In the west dragons as fire breathing beasts has never been far from people’s fancy. Children are still deliciously frightened by dragon pictures and dragon stories. In China , but, the dragon has come to represent eastern culture. In the east, the fictitious monster is seen as clever and good-hearted and Chinese people are known in many parts of the world as the posterity of the dragon.

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In China , the dragon is portrayed in a number of different forms and the might of the monster is portrayed in the horned dragon. People will have this tattoo if they want to be seen as someone who deserves dread and esteem. The celestial dragon is worshiped by many because it is through that it safeguards the Gods and supports the heavens. When people have these pictures of the dragon placed on their body they are often sending out a message about themselves rather than the dragon.

Dragons are often seen as guarders of home and treasure and some of these designs are among the most colorful tattoos there are. Sometimes men will have a dragon right across their backs or extending round and down their arm. In the Shrek series of movies the dragon almost without its teeth as it becomes the friend of adults and children are fond of. How you consider dragons will most likely be influenced by the way you select to have tattoo placed on your body. The small dragon at the bottom of a woman’s back may not make much effect – but a dragon that goes down and round the length of a man’s arm might be saying something absolutely unlike about this mighty and fictitious beast.

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