Celtic Butterfly Tattoo Designs

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Celtic tattoo designs are famous for their elaborate designs, which are constructed of the pretty knots and bold lines. In the past ten years, prevalence of Celtic butterfly designs has reached a new peak of tattoo art. To acquaint oneself thoroughly with Celtic butterfly tattoos, read on …..

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Some people regard tattooing as a way that offering oneself a definite identity. In the captivating sphere of tattoo art, all kind of animal and plant image can be done in various sorts of styles. Even though, tattoo is regarded as a kind of body art, tattoo enthusiasts understand that each design has its own symbolic significance. Due to its unique meaning, tattoo lover like to show their tattoo and make them seem out of the ordinary among a throng of people. While koi fish tattoo designs stand for a koi fish of indomitable spirit, that is known that koi fish must go through a long and painful process as it strives against the tide with an unremitting tenacity, butterfly tattoos infers metamorphosis and revivification. Except their symbolism, butterfly tattoo designs form a fashion of the day because butterfly tattoo designs can be a patchwork of different styles and cultures. Celtic artwork, celebrated for their pretty knots, add grotesque to Celtic butterfly tattoos. Owing to their feminine beauty, Celtic butterfly tattoos are always many lady’s favorite.

Butterflies in the Celtic Culture

Butterflies have a symbolic significance in numerous countries. In ancient days, our forefathers are surprised by biological processes of butterflies through which an unsightly caterpillar will ultimately metamorphose into a pretty butterfly. You can know deeply held beliefs of Celtics through the story of Etain, the comely fairy maiden. Etain was celebrated for her beauty. It was so attractive that the Fairy king Midir was completely infatuated with Etain. When the Fairy queen realized that her husband loved Etain, she hated and became envious of Etain. Fairy queen used her magic charm to change Etain into a butterfly and touched off a ferocious storm to blow her far away from Midir. In seven years, she was forced persistently to migrate from one flower to the other one. One day, Etain accidentally dropped into the glass of wine of a mortal queen at the banquet. After nine months, queen gave birth to a beautiful princess who was the incarnation of Etain. Even though, her identity had been altered, the princess maintained the appearance of Etain. When princess became a full-grown girl, she was wedded to the High King of Ireland. When Mirdi caught sight of princess, he identified princess as fairy maiden, Etain. By Demolishing the Kind of Ireland in chess competition, Midir kiss the princess who realized that that man was Fairy King, Midir at once. Midir used his magic to transforms himself and princess into swans and escaped to his kingdom.

This tale story reveals Celtic’s deep-seated faith in symbolic significance of butterfly. Celtics were a crowd of people with wide and profound erudition. They are closely bound up with nature. They believe that butterflies harbors a soul, that when ingested by a woman together with food, would get the woman pregnant.

Butterfly tattoo designs are one of the hottest tattoos and are favored by most of girls and the celebrated Celtic knot work take one step ahead to highlight their beauty. Knots represents the continuation of life, which is symbolized by butterflies refer to Celtic culture, to start with as the pretty butterfly that break through the cocoon and then as the maundering soul that turn into a newborn baby when eaten by a mortal woman. Except the emblematic significance, all shape and size of a butterfly is easily done by using Celtic knots. To provide a more ingenious appearance to the design, drawings were done in bold outer lines. Tattooer can be engraved with a pretty Celtic design tattoo which is made to be outstanding by smearing the knot work with vivid colors. The wide outspread wings of a butterfly design provide tattooist sufficient space to draw Celtic patterns on it. Shamrock image, that establishes an important place in Celtic culture, is often applied in tattoo designs in form of Celtic knots. However, some tattoo artists slightly rack their brains. They draw one more leaf to the shamrock image so that it looks like four wings of a butterfly.

Butterfly lower back tattoos are also the vogue for young women. Except its feminine beauty, a great variety of butterfly tattoo designs are available for blending flawlessly with the typical feature of Celtic artwork, to produce dazzling horizontally outspread butterfly lower back tattoos.

Therefore, tattoos undoubtedly have symbolic relevance and have great glamour. If you are scared of needles but are spellbound by tattoos, you may feel harassed. I recommend you to consider temporary butterfly tattoos instead of tattooing. Plenty of sticks on tattoos on the market provide different style of Celtic butterfly tattoo for your selection.

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