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Birds absorb public attention since primeval age. Bird tattoo designs are so prevailing because birds represent unrestrained and human’s desire to fly. A great variety of birds exist in the world. All of them are pleasing us and have always fascinated each people. However, the symbolic significance of bird tattoo designs has obvious differences. We will talk to you about the most current bird tattoos.

Raven Tattoo

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Raven tattoo designs are raging throughout the world however their significance is diverse which is determined by the cultural background of wearer. Today, European often correlates ravens with warfare and death. However, it must not be. Scandinavian raven were revered. In North countries, ravens in a fairy tale were inviolable birds correlated with Odin – the God of witchcraft and warfare. Two ravens tagged along behind Odin and informed him about everything which took place in the world of mortals. Ravens also represented extraordinary intelligence and remembrance. Roman ravens represented hope. Their yell was connected with the word “kras” which meant solemn and symbolized future. However nowadays unluckily a lot of European connect ravens with warfare, death and sin. However, refer to Indian culture, ravens associated with the sun since hue of their feathers were able to reflect sunbeam. Therefore base on local culture, raven tattoo designs can carry dissimilar implication. Raven tattoo designs can represent intelligence, fortune and longevity. However sometimes, the significance of each tattoo design is peculiar to each wearer.

Eagle Tattoo

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Eagle tattoo designs represent liberty and person’s tremendous influence. The possible explanation for this is that eagles are the largest birds at the present day. Eagle tattoos are always connected with mighty power and eagles are regarded as the most influential birds. However eagle tattoo designs are also used to symbolize liberty and autonomy. Norwegian eagles are connected with intelligence. American eagle tattoo designs always are used to express their patriotic sentiments. Overall, eagle tattoo designs are always considered that it assists their wearer achieve success.

Phoenix Tattoo

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Phoenix tattoo designs are also popular nowadays. Phoenix is a famous bird in fairy tale. Phoenix is always depicted in many fairy tales. Refer to Arabic fairy story; phoenixes inhabit the deserts five hundred years ago. When Phoenix knows that its death is drawing on, phoenix set itself on specially made fire. Phoenix rises from its ashes after three days. This is the reason why phoenix tattoo designs are always connected with immortal life, regeneration and resurrection. Such tattoo design also represents sunup. Phoenix tattoos usually take on red or golden hues and phoenixes themselves are displayed on fire. Phoenix tattoo designs can imply a restart of its wearer, surmounting obstacle in his human life, termination of the hard period, new sunup.

Bird tattoo designs were prevailing at any given period and growing popular hereafter. Birds flitting across people often surprise them. They are the most immemorial emblem of liberty. Probably, people’s thirst for flying unrestrainedly in the sky make such bird tattoo designs increasingly get popular.

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