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For those people with great enthusiasm for tattoo who born between April 20 and May 20 can consider tattooing tribal Taurus on their bodies. According to astrology, decisiveness, strength of purpose and staunch are personality trait of Taurean. Moreover, they are tenderhearted and tamed creatures, who adore peace and pursue life of pleasure and restfulness. Usually, we use bull as symbol of Taurus. However, you can bring your imagination into full play to turn your tattoo design out of the ordinary and more original. Some ideas are put forward for your consideration.

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The myth of the white bull. There is the famous ancient Greek myth behind the image of the white bull. It narrated that the kind of the God, Zeus was enamored of a mortal woman. She was the Phoenician princess. Her name was called Europa. She was always has several imperial bodyguard in attendance. In order to approach Europa, Zeus changed himself into a white bull and sneaked into a herd of bull. While Europa was plucking flowers by the waterside, she caught a glimpse of a majestic bull eating grass in the lush green pastures. She was fascinated with its mother-of-pearl horn and made for the bull. The bull knelt down and let Europa clamber up its back. Once she had ridden upon the bull, the bull ran at full speed and traversed the ocean. Finally, they arrived at island of Crete. Zeus disclosed his sacred status and later got married with her. The myth gives general idea about original tribal Taurus tattoo design. A pretty girl ride on the back of a white bull or a creature with Zeus’s head, arms and upper body on a white bull’s body and legs are just instances how you can add warmth and color to your tattoo.

The glyph – the glyph is simple and trendy. The glyph is comprised of a circle with two lines projecting out of it. The circle symbolizes the head of bull and the two lines represent its horns. Normally, it is drawn in black ink and seems a tribal tattoo. You can combine with other tattoo designs or leave only simple glyph on your body.

Venus is ruling planet of Taurus resonate with love, ardor and beauty. Emerald is star stone of Taurus. You can combine the image of Taurus symbols with glyph or the bull motif to make a more creative tattoo design.

We are always conscientious and careful when selecting a tattoo design and getting a tattoo. A good tattoo design should bear the imprint of originality, creativity, stylish. Moreover, it is pertinent to the subject and aesthetic. If you are provided with professional skin artist, well-equipped tattoo parlor and good design, you can rest assured that you will be happily with Taurus tattoos through life.

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