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The truth that Phoenix is host to a yearly Tattoo Expo means this is a town where you won’t have to settle for a shaky, prison-style “Mom” tattoo. The artists in this town are first-rate and the competition is drastic. You can select a tattoo parlor that’s a additional cut above the rest, then next year go to town to get the prize at the annual show!

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Club Tattoo ( 12248 N 51st Ave , Glendale ) will cause you look like a superstar. The store itself is well known all over the world, partly as a result of its co-ownership by Chester Bennington of the band Linkin Park . Good-quality modern work is in a large surplus here, and they also carry an exclusive line of clothing. Club Tattoo is a must for those who desire not just for a tattoo, but the tattoo lifestyle. Two other places in town denotes they’re near to you regardless of which end of town you’re on.

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Blue Dragon Tattoo ( 322 West McDowell Road ) has won the coveted “Best of Phoenix” award. Owner Dick Goldman’s tattoo work has been featured in all the best tattoo magazines, from Skin Art to Tattoo Revue. “Making the World a Better Place , One Tattoo at a Time” is the store’s slogan, and with a selection of specialties from traditional to Celtic they can help you make your world a better one.

Hot Rod Tattoo ( 565 N Arizona Ave , Chandler ) is the polar opposite of club Tattoo, but the work is just as quality. Don’t let the name fool you: this is no biker parlor. The shop’s website claims that it is the “cleanest and friendliest” in Phoenix , and promises that clients will be just as comfortable whether they’re sixteen or sixty. Competitive pricing makes this shop’s work one of the best deals in town.

Inkbomb Tattoos ( 3016 N. Dobson Rd., Suite 16 , Chandler ) may have the coolest name in the biz, and their artwork is every bit as cool. If there’s anyone still out there who doubts that tattooing is an art, one visit to the gallery at the Inkbomb site will make you a believer. High-quality, high-color, detailed work is not just a specialty here; it’s what their artists deliver on every single piece of work. The awards have virtually piled up for the staff at Inkbomb. This is a shop where you could actually get that “Mom” tattoo and still have people “ooh” and “aah” over it.

Have you made your decision? It’s a tough one I know, but whether you choose a full sleeve of tattoo flash or a discreet tiny rose, one of the Phoenix tattoo parlors will make sure you’re proud of the design. See you at next year’s Expo!

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