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While females quite favor angel tattoos, more and more men have also used the angel as part of a design that usually represents loss or gives tribute to another. In women, the angel is always seen innocently sitting on a cloud, playing musical instrument, or serving as a guardian looking carefully at their every move. Rely on the significant of this kind of tattoo; an angel is also used to explain vengeance and revenge, as seen in the revenging angel.

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Angels are seen as spiritual beings that are thought to own a level of strength that humans do not have access to. Some people think that angels are the spirits of humans that are highly evolved. The history of the angel begins with the Bible, where the general feeling is that these living things represent the desire of God or conduct God’s work. While angels are known as patron of the soul or divine beings, they have also connected falling victim to sin – as seen in the example of the fallen angel named Satan.

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Throughout history, the meaning that angels stand for and their appearance have varied over the years. A tattoo artist may make an angel enclosed by light, covered with a white a long, loose piece of clothing, pretty and tempting, with elaborate wings, or shown as a human. One of the most prevalent tattoo designs is the guardian angel, which has derived from the Catholic faith.

When seeking for an angel tattoo, the meanings and designs are never-ending. Regarding the religious or spiritual sense, angel tattoos may emphasize a belief in the Christian, Islamic, or Judaic faith – all of which make reference to angels. Some designs use angels to stand for love, as these saintly creatures are also delineated as the messenger of love. A common angel used in tattoos is Cupid, who is known to shoot an arrow through the hearts of people, which leads to expeditious love.

Another common approach towards using angels in tattoos is to show the fight between good and evil. Archangels, fallen angels, and the distinction between the angel and Devil are frequently chosen subjects for a tattoo design, which often show on the upper arm, chest, shoulder, stomach, inner wrist, and foot.

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