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Sparrow Tattoos

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Sparrow Tattoos The humble appearance of sparrow impresses deeply upon everyone’s mind since well-known Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of Caribbean series is screened at main cinemas over the world. Thereby, majority of us becomes enamored of the “sparrow” once more. An upsurge of interest in sparrow makes some people love sparrow designs. Most of sparrow tattoo closely resembles Jack Sparrow but lacks profound meaning. In fact, there are several deep significances in connection with sparrow tattoo designs. We will discuss in this page.

Sparrow is small in size and has buff and brown feather. It has a high level of intelligence so it represents wisdom. Besides, sparrow is faithful to their mate and keeps its mate for the whole life. Therefore, it also stands for faithfulness and undying love. Some people put sparrow designs on their body in remembrance of deceased lover or as an expression of conjugal love for their spouse. If sparrow looks at opposite direction of its mate, it expresses that the marriage has been broken off.

According to the past reference, it shows that traditional sparrow tattoos were worn by sailors who made a long voyage across the sea. When we trace back its history to eighteenth century, only sailors, who finished a five thousands nautical miles sail across the sea, are permitted to be engraved with a sparrow tattoo. Formerly, the sailors would string along with the sparrows to make a landing because sparrow is responsible to point out directions from their flying. Before sailor started off, they would have a sparrow tattoo. They trusted the sparrows tattoos would bring good fortune and be used as an amulet. The sailors were taken to their home under escort. In spit of death by drowning, sparrow searched for his soul and conveyed him from the gloomy sea to heaven.

Sparrow tattoos also carry symbolic significance in prison culture, where sparrow tattoos are regarded as an emblem of freedom. Particularly when they walk out of prison, some prisoners use sparrow design as a declaration of freedom.

Moreover, sparrow tattoos can coexist with other tattoo symbols. A heart tattoos is inserted between two birds to represent everlasting love. Sparrow can also be drawn gripping a maple leaf that is a symbol of parental love. The other choice is to paint the sparrow eating a crisp apple that represents plentifulness, full of enthusiasm and intense ardor. Maybe, sparrow snaps at a red rose as a symbol of romantic love.

Due to small size, sparrow tattoos can be placed on hips, wrists, arm, back or shoulder, foot and even ankle.

Sparrow Tattoos
Sparrow Tattoos

Sparrow Tattoos

Sparrow Tattoos

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