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Sleeve Tattoos

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Sleeve tattoos are tattoos drawn from the shoulders down to the wrists. They mostly look like a sleeve, as the colors and prints will run around your arms as well. Sleeve tattoos are quite popular among athletes like the wrestlers, soccer players, and boxers.

Sleeve Tattoos
Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve Tattoos

There are three kinds of sleeve tattoos – the half sleeves, the quarter sleeves, and the full sleeves. Half sleeves cover only half of the arm and ends just above the elbow. Quarter sleeves runs midway to the elbow. The full sleeves tattoos cover the entire length of the arm.

The assortment of designs for sleeve tattoos has a lot to do with the wearer’s creativity. While tattoo artists do have a portfolio of sleeve tattoos in their collection, anybody can devise their own images and designs to put together.

Because of the intricate design that these tattoos require, it is a job that is only performed by professional tattoo artists. Whatever kind of sleeve tattoo you want to wear, it is still created by putting several smaller tattoos together. The idea is to end up with a huge, interesting design drawn on your arm. To complete the effect, the smaller tattoos will be drawn with a background design that will tie them all together.

Those who want to decorate their arms with a collection of tattoos, this option is highly recommended. You may opt for just your right arm to have the tattoo or both of if you want. But do make sure that you spend ample time planning your sleeve tattoo. Make sure that every single element included in the ensemble represents something that is really important to you.

These tattoos are perfect the body and fashion accessories indeed. However, it is the men who wear them most of the time. But if you’re a woman and you want it too, there’s no stopping you from getting one for yourself.

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