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Shoulder Tattoos

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The Best Designs for Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos are tattoos that a lot of people prefer because they can easily be hidden or shown as desired. These tattoos may be placed on the area around the tips of the shoulders or all the way down the lower arm, looking like a sleeve. What’s so great about these tattoos is that you can use almost all sorts of designs and it will look just as perfect on your shoulders.

One of the celebrities with a shoulder tattoo is Rihanna. For her, it’s a series of Roman numerals across her shoulders, which is believed to be the birthday of somebody special. Hers appears on her left shoulder and runs from the base of her neck to her shoulder tip.

Choices for shoulder tattoos may differ for males and females. For guys, the most common choices are Celtic symbols, tribal designs, skulls, animals, and abstract designs. For women, they prefer colorful flowers, cherubs, names, and the likes. Whatever your choice for a design is entirely yours. Again, as far as shoulder tattoos are concerned, everything goes. All are accepted.

For men, shoulder tattoos signify a touch personality. As a matter of fact, they would look even tougher if they decide to get a design that would go all the way to their elbows or wrists. That’s what you call the full arm tattoo and it is quite popular among sportsmen and serious tattoo hobbyists.

Pick your very own shoulder tattoos from a wide selection of tattoo art and design. You are sure to find something that would stimulate your need to express yourself through body art. Wear a tattoo proud and high on your shoulders. A tattoo on the shoulders can fully satisfy your need for self-expression without making any drastic changes on the way you look.

Shoulder Tattoos
Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder Tattoos

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