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Religious Tattoos

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Religious Tattoo Designs – Are They Taboo?

It doesn’t take a mastermind for one to understand that tattoo designs are becoming permanent in the human society today. Individuals from all across the globe want to get themselves inked for a number of reasons. For a few, the reasons can be merely skin deep: for boosting their “sexiness levels” up some notches, to display their freedom, becoming cool, etc. However for others, it may involve a deeper, spiritual meaning.

Religious Tattoos
Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoos

Religious tattoos are very common these days. We see religious images & symbols or cross tattoos being sported by various persons around. And, in all honesty, some of these persons don’t fit in the criteria of what a religious individual must be. The question is: Can religious tattoos be thought as religious acts? It can depend upon the religious segment you belong to & also your religious beliefs.


Islam religion prohibits any bodily modifications made in order to better your physical beauty, this also comprises body tattoos. Muslim religion considers tattoos intolerable; along with traditional Jews. Nevertheless, maybe because of the changing periods, this body art is at the moment slowly being acknowledged by such religious sections, though not like a religious deed.


But in a few Asian nations, religious tattoos are considered to be a traditional practice. It’s regular custom in case of Buddhist monks to have tattoos which are supposed to get rid of evil spirits & bad luck, if any & hence serve as a good luck charm. In Hindus, tattooing is a common run through as well. For Egyptians, tattoos like The Eye of Horus are known to serve as defense from evil spirits, for bringing good luck & also for gaining entry in an afterlife.


In current times, religious tattoos appear like: a skin deep picture of a once respected sign. The Ichthus, Ankh, the Holy Heart, Menorah, the symbols of Allah of Islam, Dharma, & other spiritual symbols from variety of religious sectors can be seen worn by individuals who don’t even practice the religion.

However it’s also very common for an individual to showcase his dedication by getting something of religious status etched upon his body even during the present age & day. Hence the answer to the above question lies onto the individual faith of the person who wears it. It’s no longer commanded by the culture but by how a person choses to display his spirituality. Tattoos, similar to a religion, have transformed into a personal entity.

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