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Panther Tattoos

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The Roar of Panther Tattoos
Panthers are large cats that belong to the genus of the tigers, lions, jaguars, and leopards. But as far as panther tattoos are concerned, they can go the extra mile and suggest the image of the mythical creature with a multicoloured hide. There are also black panthers that are very popular among tattoo hobbyists. People who get these tattoos enjoy having these fierce animals drawn on their bodies for many of reasons.

Panther Tattoos
Panther Tattoos

Panther Tattoos

Panther Tattoos
Just like what real panthers represent, panther tattoos signify power and strength. These tattoos are usually drawn on the arms and the legs, mainly because these are also the most powerful parts of a panther’s body.
By wearing panther tattoos, the wearer feels like he or she is drawing the same strength and power that the panther has to his own. Unlike tigers and lions, panthers are not that common. And that makes the animal even more appealing as far as tattoo designs are concerned.
Panthers are very big cats that whenever they walk into the jungle, they command terror. These creatures are highly menacing that no other animal wants to stare them straight in the eye. Their black body commands respect. Otherwise, the prey will get an intimidating snarl.
Any person who wants to feel that way wouldn’t have to think twice about getting panther tattoos. And oftentimes, they would put it on the most obvious parts. The more the tattoo is seen, the better are its effect on the person who caught a glimpse of it.
Lastly, panthers move fast. This is the trait that makes them different from the rest of the felines. Panthers can race against almost any other animal and win. Nobody can run away from a panther. In the same way, you most probably can’t run away from the person who wears its tattoo.

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